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curt valle kansas city Tuesday April 25th, 2023

I drove to SQ with horns and mpcs. hoping to trade for a tenor.  Excellent people to work with.

I ended up buying a new Yamaha 82Z tenor.  Sweet!

Gary Hannibal MO Sunday October 16th, 2022

Had a Selmer BS400 Bari Sax that my son played through high school. He is now in the college marching band but commented that the instrument was a huge struggle to play. We took it to the local music shop several times. They would perform small adjustments but couldn’t find anything major. My son noted that the one he played back in high school of the same model had no issues (the shop repaired those also with being local) but the shop finally mentioned it could be how he played. On a mission, I drove 1-1⁄2 hours to Saxquest to obtain a second opinion. Walked in and spoke directly with one of the repair techs. He immediately pulled it out of the case and started looking at it while talking with my son. He immediately noted several issues, gave descriptions/results of each when playing, and my son could immediately relate. Went to pick it up weeks later and I had my son pull it out of the case in the lobby to make sure everything was correct. As the tech came out to check, you could see the enjoyment and change in how my son played the sax. A+ service from the Saxquest Team with taking the time to listen. Price was actually lower than the local shop and worth the drive. 

Mike S St Louis Sunday July 5th, 2020

These guys are the fastest at responding to queries. I DID NOT expect an immediate reply to an email I sent on July 4, but they did, and then followed up to another email I sent on Sunday July 5! John and his team must check emails 24 hours a day. I'm not sure they ever take a day off. And the couple times I've called, everyone I talk to is super knowledgeable about the saxophone. A real treasure to the St. Louis area.

Mike Hong San Jose, CA Thursday February 20th, 2020

I was referred to Saxquest by a Korean music teacher from Seoul, Korea. I was looking for another alto sax in addition to my Selmer USA AS300 alto. I emailed Saxquest for some questions after brownsing the website for different brands. Jon Huff was very helpful, attentive and patient answering my emails back and forth several times. At the end, with his help, I decided on a new PM 67R DK alto. I placed the order last week. It was delivered last evening and very well packed inside and outside. It came with a black contoured padded soft case, shoulder strap. The instrument fits tightly inside the case preventing shifting. I'm pleased with the 67RDK because it sounds deeper than my Selmer AS300 which is what I'm hoping for since I plan to keep both for a while. I certainly come back to Saxquest again when it's time for a tenor. Thank you Jon for such a nice service and positve experience buying on-line from Saxquest. 

Andrea Sanders O'Fallon Tuesday September 17th, 2019

What a wonderful job you did refurbishing my clarinet! It has never sounded, played or looked so good! You are now my permanent repair shop.

James Murphy Middletown, DE Friday May 24th, 2019

I want to thank Saxquest for the very enjoyable experience purchasing the P Mauriat gold lacquer System 76 Tenor Saxophone. I have been amazed at how well this saxophone plays. Saxquest did a great job with the setup. I have been playing a Selmer Mark VI Tenor for over 40 years and the P Mauriat System can more than hold its own with the Mark VI. In fact, it sounds better than the Mark VI because the Mark VI needs to be overhauled. Saxquest is the place to choose if you want to purchase a quality saxophone. Thanks again!

Richard - Florida Friday February 1st, 2019

After playing the saxophone extensively at a younger age, life got in the way and I stopped for several years. Starting over was disappointing. That once “trademark” tone was gone, seemingly forever, even with consistent practice.

I bought a C Melody on a whim and was, again, disappointed n the tone. Rather than buy a cheaper mouthpiece in hopes of eventually working my way up to something better, I purchased “The Tram” from Saxquest with help and patient guidance from Product Specialist Zac Minor.

Fully prepare to face the inevitable dashing of hopes, I put the mouthpiece on and started to play. Wow, did I start to play! The full, mellow tone was back and better than ever through all ranges. Total control of volume, immediate response… better performance than the custom metal mouthpiece I used when performing years ago, and at a quarter of the price.

I heartily recommend Saxquest and their fine products to students, professionals, even old geezers like me who just want to enjoy playing again. Give Zac a call or an email for personalized expert direction.



M.S Dickerson Massachusetts Friday September 14th, 2018

Hi Zac.  I have now been using the Hoss soprano mouthpiece for a couple weeks, and it definitely improves my overall soprano playing. 

First, I am a retired Air Force Saxophonist, who also has played extensively in many types of groups.   Currently I am mostly playing legit in wind symphonic bands, but also am an accomplished jazz lead alto player.    Our symphonic group needed soprano so I took that position.
My older mouthpieces were 1) a highly modified Selmar mouthpiece, and 2) an Otto Link 6* stock mouthpiece.    This Hoss is a 6* equivelant.  
I was experiencing difficulties in maintaining an open sound up high, and also had a couple notes with troublesome intonation which required creative tuning and a quick ear.   The Hoss opened up the top side of my horn, and the intonation, especially up high, became much more consistent with the lower register so basic tuning worked a whole bunch better.   The Hoss was perhaps a bit more lively than my other mouthpieces, but I can easily adjust than with minor reed adjustments (either softer or harder, based on the music being played).  The horn even got more notes up top in that my old horn never had a good altisimo register and thus I was limited to high F.   (my horn is an old Wurlitzer/Martin Silver/Gold horn from the 1935 timeframe).  With the Hoss, I have now discovered an ability to use the altisimo register even in legit music.   The control is great in that I can play the lowest B or Bb at pp, and immediately play the High E,F also either at pp or ff. It requires almost no embouchure changes between the registers.   I love that.   As you know the soprano can be a pesky horn for intonation and matching delicate music, but this mouthpiece made it a bunch easier for me to do those things.   
Anyway - Thanks a bunch for the real nice mouthpiece and as needs arise I will be checking your other items out. 
Thanks again!
Mark Steven Dickerson
Malcolm Williams Indiana Tuesday January 9th, 2018

Dear Mr Mark Overton, 12-17-2017 I am very happy with this saxophone. It is one of the finest altos I have ever played. It works very well with the Saxquest Alto "Lead " mouthpiece. It has a very good tone.( not too dark, yet not too bright. The Berg Larsen mouthpiece sounded too dark. I commend you on the look and design of this sax. I believe Saxquests' saxes look and play better than any other pro alto that I have played in my career, including the ones that I have bought from Saxquest over the years. The sax is truly amazing and a real pleasure to perform with. I hope that you can post this critique on your forums and/or website, so that other professionals and/or students can see my review. Thank You sir very much, Malcolm K Williams, Jr. 

Barry Kelsey St. Augustine Florida Wednesday January 3rd, 2018

I just had my Mark Vl alto delivered from the Saxquest repair shop. Jon (the store manager) was very helpful and Chris who did the repairs is a magician. Thanks for the wonderful service.

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