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M.S Dickerson Massachusetts Friday September 14th, 2018

Hi Zac.  I have now been using the Hoss soprano mouthpiece for a couple weeks, and it definitely improves my overall soprano playing. 

First, I am a retired Air Force Saxophonist, who also has played extensively in many types of groups.   Currently I am mostly playing legit in wind symphonic bands, but also am an accomplished jazz lead alto player.    Our symphonic group needed soprano so I took that position.
My older mouthpieces were 1) a highly modified Selmar mouthpiece, and 2) an Otto Link 6* stock mouthpiece.    This Hoss is a 6* equivelant.  
I was experiencing difficulties in maintaining an open sound up high, and also had a couple notes with troublesome intonation which required creative tuning and a quick ear.   The Hoss opened up the top side of my horn, and the intonation, especially up high, became much more consistent with the lower register so basic tuning worked a whole bunch better.   The Hoss was perhaps a bit more lively than my other mouthpieces, but I can easily adjust than with minor reed adjustments (either softer or harder, based on the music being played).  The horn even got more notes up top in that my old horn never had a good altisimo register and thus I was limited to high F.   (my horn is an old Wurlitzer/Martin Silver/Gold horn from the 1935 timeframe).  With the Hoss, I have now discovered an ability to use the altisimo register even in legit music.   The control is great in that I can play the lowest B or Bb at pp, and immediately play the High E,F also either at pp or ff. It requires almost no embouchure changes between the registers.   I love that.   As you know the soprano can be a pesky horn for intonation and matching delicate music, but this mouthpiece made it a bunch easier for me to do those things.   
Anyway - Thanks a bunch for the real nice mouthpiece and as needs arise I will be checking your other items out. 
Thanks again!
Mark Steven Dickerson
Malcolm Williams Indiana Tuesday January 9th, 2018

Dear Mr Mark Overton, 12-17-2017 I am very happy with this saxophone. It is one of the finest altos I have ever played. It works very well with the Saxquest Alto "Lead " mouthpiece. It has a very good tone.( not too dark, yet not too bright. The Berg Larsen mouthpiece sounded too dark. I commend you on the look and design of this sax. I believe Saxquests' saxes look and play better than any other pro alto that I have played in my career, including the ones that I have bought from Saxquest over the years. The sax is truly amazing and a real pleasure to perform with. I hope that you can post this critique on your forums and/or website, so that other professionals and/or students can see my review. Thank You sir very much, Malcolm K Williams, Jr. 

Barry Kelsey St. Augustine Florida Wednesday January 3rd, 2018

I just had my Mark Vl alto delivered from the Saxquest repair shop. Jon (the store manager) was very helpful and Chris who did the repairs is a magician. Thanks for the wonderful service.

Karlton Lemons Maumelle, AR Friday September 16th, 2016

Just played my Selmer SA80 Serie II alto today.  Oh my goodness!  It was like milk and honey!  So buttery smooth and lush, silky smooth sound from ppp to fff with just the right amount of brilliance on the top end!  The action was swift and the response took only a whisper of a breath to produce from low Bb to altissimo!  THIS is what I have been waiting for!  My sincere appreciation to you, Ben, and all the Saxquest staff.  You guys get it!  Quality instruments set up to play at their peak!  I am beyond pleased!  Thank you!

Karlton Lemons...another very satisfied customer!
David Ham Mexico, Mo Wednesday August 10th, 2016

Was at the shop the middle of July to get my Martin Baritone checked, while there I tested out a bunch of mouthpieces and settled on the new Hoss.  The more I play it the more I like it!  What a GREAT piece!!    Also want thank the young man that got all the mouthpieces together to try, and the shop for getting my horn back in top shape!  Thanks for all you do!!  David

Kymbr Emporia Kansas Friday August 5th, 2016

I was at clarinetfest and my Contrabass Clarinet had a bunch of prpblems. Chris got ahold of my instrument that was struggling to play and fixed it up as much as he could in alittle over and hour and it now plays better then it ever has.  Thank you so much you guys you are amazing.

David Ham Mexico, MO Sunday May 8th, 2016

My Bari turned out Great, looks and plays fantastic.  Many thanks to Chris for doing such a great job!

Steven Virginia Thursday April 14th, 2016

I live in a rual area of Virginia and don't have access to saxophone shops. After doing some comparisons of different web sites, I chose to send my business to SaxQuest. I called after ordering and I found the staff to be very helpful. I purchased the PMauriat 302UL bari with an Otto Link 6* rubber mouthpiece. The horn arrived via UPS with substantial packaging. The horn came perfectly regulated and plays fantasically and has a great tone. If you can't get to a shop and you have to buy a horn on-line, I can't recommned SaxQuest enough. The Bb unlaquered bari is a work of art. It is as beautiful to look at as well as to play it and listen to it.. Thank you SaxQuest, It was a pleasure doing business with you.

Regards, Steven

Ojai, CA Tuesday October 28th, 2014

Saxquest did an amazing job on my Rothophone. Mark and his team are the best restorers in the United States. Thanks so much for bringing this Rothophone back to life! I just got it back yesterday and I am amazed at your work. Thanks so very very much!!! I will be sending you my Sarrusophone Soprano and Alto next to restore.

Bedford, Wyoming Monday October 27th, 2014
The Otto Link 6* metal (regular) tenor mouthpiece arrived today and it plays very nicely indeed. I had called and requested that – if possible -- you make sure the table on the particular piece I was receiving was flat. I know these mouthpieces are sealed in several ways from the factory, and that such a request as mine might be an inconvenience.
But I was extremely pleased when you told me you would be happy to offer that service, and now that the mouthpiece is in hand, I’m even more pleased at how well it plays. I played professionally for many years in LA before retiring to Wyoming and had been using a bit larger Otto Link (7*), which now has become too difficult for me to handle. The smaller piece addresses my problem in this regard to satisfaction.  Thank you for going the extra “mile” for me. Most online sites wouldn’t be so obliging.

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