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Instrument Repair

At Saxquest, our true passion is instrument repair and restoration. We strive to make each and every instrument that comes through our shop play to the peak of its potential. Whether working on a complete saxophone restoration or fine tuning a clarinet set up, with repair there are simply NO Short-Cuts! Always steeped in the tradition of old-school repair philosophy, Saxquest is driven by challenges, relishes every opportunity to learn something new and constantly explores fresh and improved repair methods. Saxquest is located in St. Louis, MO and we are happy to accept long distance repairs.

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About Our Shop

At Saxquest, our repair shop embodies the heart and soul of our mission which is fueled by a passion for perfection. The Saxquest repair shop employs 5 repair experts with over 70 years combined experience specializing in vintage and modern professional model saxophones and clarinets. Although most noted for our reputation as a high-caliber woodwind repair shop, we've also obtained distinction for our brasswind instrument repair as well. Having a repair team with diverse knowledge where ideas are freely floated is a huge advantage we have over many smaller shops who have followed the modern trend of downsizing to a one person-one instrument type repair shop.

The art of music instrument repair is preserved in our workshop and passed onto the next generation in the old world tradition of master crafts-person to apprentice. Each artisan at Saxquest maintains an uncompromising dedication to the highest level of and skill and craftsmanship. It's holding fast to this core value more than anything else that has put Saxquest on the map as one of the premiere full-line musical instrument repair shops in the United States.

SAXOPHONE REPAIR: A major focus of the shop is vintage saxophone repair and restoration. Saxquest repair artisan George Bunk has a lifetime of experience and acquired knowledge repairing Conn, King, Buescher, Martin, Buffet, Keilwerth, Yamaha, Selmer and even Adolphe Sax saxophones and more. Each vintage saxophone brand and model offers unique challenges from setting up the table keys properly on a King Super 20 to adjusting and regulating the multitude of perm-adjusters and set screws on a Conn Connqueror to getting just the right feel on a Selmer Mark VI or Balanced Action to making palm key modifications and leveling tone holes on a Conn Chu Berry. At Saxquest, it's our intimate knowledge and detailed understanding of what makes each saxophone brand unique that sets us apart. We've also become known for our modern horn set ups where we apply this knowledge to optimize the feel and response of new horns. This experience has provided Saxquest with unique insights on saxophone repair and setup.

CLARINET REPAIR: While renowned for our saxophone work, another intense focus is clarinet repair. Exceptional clarinet repair relies on craftsmanship in both woodworking and metalworking. Further, exquisite sensitivity regarding set up and an understanding of acoustics is essential. Saxquest is blessed to have orchestral and solo clarinetist, Audrey Denny, on board as our Clarinet Specialist. Having performed at the highest levels with such esteemed ensembles as the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Audrey knows firsthand how a professional clarinet should sound and feel. Whether performing a set up on a new clarinet or fully overhauling a used instrument, Saxquest prides itself on bringing out the very best in each instrument. In dealing with a damaged clarinet, there are a many different techniques and methods that can be employed. At Saxquest our artisans know this and always use the best, least invasive approach when fixing your clarinet.

Over the years, artists performing at the highest levels in both classical and jazz have come to rely on Saxquest to maintain their instruments.

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