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Saxquest FAQs

Q. Do you take horns in on consignment?

A. Sure, click here to learn more!

Q. Do you do appraisals for insurance or for resale purposes?

A. Yes we do. Our cost is $25. Send us an email if you need an appraisal.

Q. What's the best way to pack my horn up for shipment?

A. We're very glad you asked this question. Most damage occurs during shipping due to poor packing. To do it right, follow these steps:

Packing horns for shipment

  1. Make sure the horn is immobilized inside the case. Use wadded newspaper to ensure a tight fit (but not so tight as to bend rods or keys).
  2. Wrap your instrument case in bubblewrap.
  3. Pack the case inside a strong cardboard box that provides at least 3-4 inches of free space around your case on all sides.
  4. Stuff the free space in the shipping box with a combination of wadded newspaper and packing peanuts. Note: Packing peanuts by themselves tend to shift during shipping - be sure to use them in combination with another packing material.
  5. Use strong packing tape to secure the outside of the packing box and cover any exposed edges.
  6. Always be sure to purchase full insurance coverage when shipping any instrument.

Q. I just placed an online order with the Saxquest website. How long will it take before I receive it?

A. Once received, orders usually ship within 1-3 days. Shipping within the continental USA should take about 2-3 days. International orders take about 4-7 days.

Q. How safe is it to use my credit card?

A. On pages that transmit sensitive information Saxquest uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), a server-authentication and browser-encrypting technology. These SSL pages are further secured with a digital certificate issued by VeriSign, Inc., a certification authority that verifies you are viewing pages on and/or submitting secure information to the legitimate Saxquest server. We have more detailed information in our site security section.