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Double Reeds Repair

Saxquest specializes in mechanical overhauls, and total instrument restorations as well as personalized setups and custom key work. Our focus has always been on YOU as a player. Our shop philosophy is to approach each repair as a partnership with you. In that spirit, if you have a pad preference that you'd like us to use, we're happy to oblige. Otherwise, we have a wealth of experience with what works best for different scenarios and we're happy to make suggestions for you.

Minor Repairs are billed at a rate of $50/hr shop rate

Student Model Double Reeds

price for dent work and parts not included

Playing Condition for Student Model Double Reeds

Oboe Plastic: $79 - Oboe Wood: $109 - Bassoon Plastic: $109 - Bassoon Wood: $160
Instrument is checked for loose pads, screws, rods and tenon corks. The mechanism is oiled.
Worn or missing tenon corks, key corks, felts, or other silencers are replaced. Any foreign material in the Core is removed.
Corrosion is removed from hinge tubes. hinge rods. and pivot screws. Any loose posts are tightened.
Minor lost motion is removed from key mechanism as needed. (excessively worn or damaged mechanisms are repaired by quote only) Pull cent tubes, clean and seal with wax.
Floating the pads eliminates pad leaks. Key mechanism is regulated to playing condition and the venting height is adjusted.
Mouthpiece and case are cleaned. Pull boot lap and U tube to clean and inspect bore.
The instrument receives a final play test
30 Day Warranty

Mechanical Overhaul for Student Model Instruments

Plastic Oboe (bladder pads): $400 - Wood Oboe (bladder pads): $650 - Plastic Oboe (cork pads): $450 - Wood Oboe (cork pads): $695 - Plastic Bassoon: $500 - Wood Bassoon: $950
All of the above as well as
Instrument is dissembled and the mechanism is refit (swedged) to maximum tolerances. Straighten rods and keys as necessary.
The instrument parts are cleaned in detergent and oiled. Bores are polished as necessary. All new pads, key corks, and tenon corks are installed. Floating pads eliminates pad leaks.
Reface tone holes, secure posts, and replace any necessary springs. Cleaned mouthpiece and case.
Regulate to top playing condition. The instrument receives a final play test.
6 Month Warranty

Mechanical Overhaul for Professional Model Instruments

Full Conservatory System (Quote Only) English Horn (Qoute Only) Bassoon (Quote Only)
All of the above as well as
Fill posts to remove excess play. All new pads, key corks, tenon corks and springs.
Send posts, screws, octave walls and caps Correct intonation if needed.
Keys are refit to closer tolerances. The pads are leveled to closer tolerances.
More attention is paid to removing scratches and cosmetics.
1 Year Warranty
Each Technician on an individual Basis will quote Professional Custom Shop Repairs.

Individual Services for Double Reeds:

Tenon wraps (thread) $25.00 Ribbon wrap (crack repair) $45.00
Bocal cork (bassoon & eng. horn) $25.00 Body lock remount (+parts) $25.00
Remount bell ring (+parts) $25.00 ($15 with P/C) Solder Joints -silver $15.00 each
Pads Tenon corks
Oboe, English Horn (Bladder) $9.00 each (with P/C) $15.00 each
Oboe, English Horn (Cork) $10.00 each ($5.00 each to resurface for PC) (without P/C; first) $25.00
Bassoon (Bladder) $12.00 each (without P/C; additional) $10.00 each
By Quote Only:
Key fitting/Securing posts Case repair Crack pinning Tenon/Socket replacement Bocal dent removal
Refinish work Chip filling (body/tone holes) Damaged or worn tone holes Redress tone holes
Remove stuck swab Replace or repair tenons Polishing Bore oil treatments
Request a quote and/or time frame for repair work.