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Daniel Marsteller Memphis, TN USA Friday May 10th, 2013
Mark -
Thank you for the time you spent with me last Wednesday, and the opportunity you provided me to try mouthpieces and horns while I was at your shop.  I was impressed with everything I experienced.
I've already passed your card to two people who are interested in visiting your shop: one is in the market for a new soprano, and the other has a pair of Couesnons(sp) ,an alto and a tenor, that he is thinking of selling.
I'm looking forward to my next chance to come to St. Louis.
Thanks again,
Dan Marsteller
Memphis TN
Maggie Waterhous Fernandina Beach, FL USA Saturday May 4th, 2013

I cannot tell you how much it meant to win this months contest! My daughter is in dire need of stuff for her sax but we couldn't afford them & all the other costs associated with band :( I've been entering your contest for months!! :) I was almost in tears when I got the email that I'd won. Her first year of high school is coming up & now she'll be able to march in comfort with her new harness :) Now I can start stocking up on reeds LOL Thank you again!

Bob Gizzi Little Falls, NJ US Tuesday April 9th, 2013
I have been meaning to write this review for a while. This past summer, my wife and I drove cross country from New Jersey to San Diego, CA. I had been on the SaxQuest website several times and when we planned to drive through St. Louis I had to stop by. While I thought I was just going to stop in, check out the store, maybe purchase a "courtesy" box of reeds I wound up buying a Mark VI bari and had it shipped home! When I returned from my trip, the bari was waiting for me, perfectly packaged and shipped. In my years of experience playing vintage and new Selmer saxophones I have never played a horn setup as well as this bari had been. Literally before playing a note I could tell just the feel of the keys and pads that the response was going to be perfect. It is now seven months later and this bari still plays like it had been just repaired/adjusted! I cannot recommend Saxquest highly enough! The vibe was great! The sax museum was fun. Great job!!!
Timothy McAllister Evanston, IL US Wednesday February 20th, 2013

Incredible place. Will come here every chance I get.

Jesse Krebs Kirksville, MO USA Friday November 2nd, 2012

Hi Mark,

Thanks again for coming up to Truman this past week and for sponsoring Audrey's performance/masterclass!  She sounded great and we all learned a lot.  The students were excited to try out the mouthpieces, ligatures and instruments too and I'll continue to recommend SaxQuest to them - I appreciate it!

Jesse Krebs, D.M.
Associate Professor of Music, Clarinet
Truman State University

Barry Smith London, UK Sunday October 21st, 2012

I'm just writing to say that the horn arrived safely here in the Uk a couple of weeks ago, and I've been playing it ever since.
It is a superb musical instrument and defintely looks the part. I don't know who owned it previously but you can tell them that it's gone to a very happy home here in London.
It won't replace the Mark V1 I got from you 5 years ago but it has a classic dark vintage sound and is an ideal compliment to the Mark VI.
I've matched it up with a Florida Double Line Link that I got from you 2/3 years ago (worked on by Brian Powell) which seems to give it a nice mellow set up.
I really appreciated the overhaul on the instrument.
Thanks and best wishes to every at Saxquest.

Bob Kenmotsu Los Angeles, CA USA Sunday September 30th, 2012

Thanks again for the info and the great clinic at SaxQuest...I'm practicing!
Best regards,
Bob Kenmotsu

Craig Todd St. Louis, MO USA Monday September 10th, 2012

Mark -
Once again, I  thouroughly enjoyed the concert/clinic yesterday. I already tried some of the embrochure techniques Bob Sheppard was talking about and am trying to make sense of the results. :-)

Dan Presgrave St. Louis, MO USA Thursday September 6th, 2012

Mark.... thanks for all you do to improve the musical life of STL.

Jerry (Jerral) Hawes Rockport, TX USA Monday June 25th, 2012

My name is Jerral Hawes. My daughter, Hannah, and my wife, Pam, came by to see you last week while we were passing through St Louis.
First of all, we would like to thank you for allowing us to drop in on you for a quick visit. Your sax museum was amazing. I wish we could have had much longer to check it out.
You were very nice to visit with us for a few minutes.
I wanted to let you know that we finally made it home to Rockport, TX yesterday and Hannah and I tried your tip on placing the neck stopper in the bell to help with the low C warble on our Selmer Mark VI. It worked like a miracle. I have had issues with that note sisnce I started playing that horn in 1969 and Hannah has struggled with it as well as she made her way through playing in high school. It is hard to believe that something so simple could totally fix that problem. Thank you for sharing that tip with us. Now maybe Hannah will not struggle with that low C as she starts her college career at The University Of Texas.
Thank you again Mark for your hospitality and for your valuable tip about the low C warble.

Hope to see you again some day,

Jerral and Hannah Hawes
Rockport, TX

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