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Paul "Doc" Tenney Cedar Falls, IA US Sunday June 3rd, 2012

I send my sincerest thanks to you for your friendly and encouraging support and for your constant assistance to me in my efforts to provide a genuinely professional level of product and service to our shared clientele.

Our shared history regarding the Otto Link "Tenney Slant" tenor sax mouthpieces goes back to the World Sax Congress in Minneapolis in 2003.  All these mpcs supplied to Saxquest have been serial-numbered and you will note that we have reached a total sales volume of 500+ mpcs through Saxquest – an average of 1 pc per week for the duration of production.  I think this is remarkable in several respects given the vagaries of the music accessory market. THANK YOU FOR YOUR ENCOURAGEMENT AND GENEROUS PARTICIPATION IN PUBLICIZING AND MARKETING THESE MPCS, MARK!!

Sent with my warmest regards to you all in the Overton and Saxquest families!!

-Paul "Doc" Tenney

Bryant Laursen Decatur, IL USA Tuesday October 11th, 2011

I am very satisfied with Saxquest and their helpfulness on helping me find a new horn for College that would last me all four years and hold up under rough conditions while sounding even better than many Selmer Mark Vi's or BA's or SBA's out there (depending on serial number). I LOVE THIS HORN!!!!!The P. Mauriat Influence model PMXT-66RX is the best pro model horn you will ever get for $4,000. It's the best thing below a highly coveted vintage horn, but it's a modern horn, which means improved ergonomics, killing killing killing (did I say killing) keywork, and heavy, resonant metal that allows some serious vibration and sound to through the horn. It's a mad blower. The sound is heavenly. Plus, the awesome people at saxquest hooked up the keywork, so it was ready to burn from the second I opened the package. My sax professor at the University was so impressed with the horn himself, he's about to buy the unlaquered version of this horn as well (very, very free blowing, bright and resonant) and he's now playing on a $10,000 SBA and has a guardala sax that he still prefers this P. Mauriat over. THIS IS THE BEST HORN ANY STUDENT CAN BUY, ESPECIALLY FOR THOSE WHO ARE ABOUT TO BECOME SERIOUS ABOUT JAZZ, OR ABOUT TO STUDY ON A HIGHER LEVEL OF MUSICIANSHIP. Thank you Saxquest- this horn is by far the most valuable horn on planet Earth for $4,000. It's like you guys sold me $14,000 worth the horn for $4,000. Thank you for your pateince and awesome musicianship and attitude in handling everything. -Bryant

Johnnie Fritts Hixson, TN US Wednesday March 23rd, 2011
Received the new P. Mauriat PMXT DK Tenor yesterday (Day before my Birthday). Thank you for the great work in packaging and making the adjustments. This horn surpasses and exceeds all my expectations. So amazing what is coming out of Taipa, Taiwan. The members in the band and orchestra love the sound as well. Can't wait to play the first gig and show this weekend. You guys are an exceptional group of saxoholics. Huzzah and Thanks!
Daniel Wallace New Orleans, LA USA Friday March 11th, 2011

I just got my G1 Yamaha neck back from the technicians at saxquest, they did a fantastic job, it looks amazing and feels great thank you so much Dan also the vandoren optimum ligature is a great buy

David Booth Tewksbury, MA US Sunday December 12th, 2010
I just bought a vintage Mark VI alto S/N 140777 from Saxquest, this was my first purchase from them and I'm extremely pleased. The horn was setup beautifully, a very professional job and it's an outstanding player. I've been very scared to make an online purchase for a Mark VI because of the money involved, and not knowing the true condition and playability of the insttrument. Very hard for me to make a purchase like this without having played the instrument first. Thank you guys at Saxquest for taking the worry out of the decsion. Knowing about your return policy helped a lot, I wouldn't have bought the horn without it. But - it's not needed!!! This horn is not coming back - I'm very, very happy!!! Thanks guys - Saxquest is highly recommended
Stanislav Ovsyannikov Rostov-on-Don, RUSSIA Monday August 30th, 2010

Thank you very much! I am very grateful to you for quick and quality work!

Sal Crocker Arlington, TN USA Sunday July 11th, 2010

Recently my friend and I drove from Memphis to St. Louis to shop for horns. Saxquest made the drive well worth it!!! We were treated like royalty and Mark and the staff couldn't do enough for us. Mark was extremely patient and took his time answering questions and sharing his wealth of knowledge on instruments and setup. He also gave us our space and didn't do the used car salesman thing. I was interested in a more focused tone having grown up on Selmers, both Mark VI's and VII's, I switched to a Keilwerth about seven years ago and decided to go back to my roots, Selmer of course. My budget would mean that I couldn't get a great Mark VI, but it didn't mean I couldn't find a great horn!!! I ended up purchasing a Selmer Series II Tenor and put a Reference 54 neck on it to give me a really mean focused horn. I am satisified beyond imagination and in debt to Mark for his very courteous customer service and his great store. His prices were very fair and Saxquest has a great selection of necks, mouthpieces and horns. Kudos Saxquest, keep up the good work. Regards, Sal Crocker

stephen mason Hot Springs, AR US Saturday March 6th, 2010

My goal in purchasing a tenor was to find a great playing horn from honest folks. I got both. Thanks. for a King that plays like a King! All the best to you guys.

kurt schwab Leiden, The Netherlands Friday January 29th, 2010

Thanks guys! The piece is indeed all that you promised! I used it the other night in a bigband setting and had no trouble coming through while maintaining the "dark, clear and expressive" -and may I add "lyrical"- sound you mentioned. Really worth the wait! Kurt, the Netherlands

Ron Howell Edmond, OK US Thursday January 28th, 2010
I just got my new Buffet 400 alto in matte finish a few days ago and I must say thanks to all at Saxquest for a very pleasant purchase. The emails from Mark Overton were very helpful regarding the purchase. The sax arrived in great condition and played well just out of the case as Saxquest had already gone over the horn and got it in great adjustment. Thanks guys! The horn plays quite well for the money. Very substantial feel and quite similar to my Mark VI. The right little finger notes seem a little further down the horn and require a little more reach for comfort. Left hand low Bb key is also a little more reach than my Selmer but I adapted to both in a few minutes. The horn immediately feels comfortable to play. Very free blowing, yet resonant all the way up and down the horn. The scale is pretty good and like all saxes you have to adjust a few notes. Is it as good as my Mark VI? No, but it is close in feel, sound color and repsonse. Nothing but a Selmer has that "Selmer sound". For the money it's probably as good as you could buy. It ranks up there with many other professional level horns but less than half the price . I am happy with it and will start playing it on jobs. Thanks again to all at Saxquest.

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