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Tom Yamasaki Ft. Lauderdale, FL US Saturday August 2nd, 2003
Recently I purchased two Francois Louis ligatures, one for my soprano and one for tenor. The soprano lig fit my Wolfe Tayne rubber, but the tenor lig was a little too big for my Berg metal. I suggested to Syd that maybe the small alto lig might fit, and he agreed. What I did't expect was that he put a tenor plate on the alto ligature for me. I thought this great of him to do this, and the ligature is truly great as well. So, I say it again - Thanks, Syd!
Norman Walsh New York, NY US Friday June 6th, 2003
First time I have done business with you. Received order in a timely fashion. I recommend the Francois Louis Ligature. I find I do not have to blow as hard to project and am amazed with the crisp articulation that this ligature provides. Norman Walsh
Michael Krassler Holyoke, MA US Tuesday June 3rd, 2003
I am very satisfied with my used clarinet purchase. Its as described and has been problem free. I love it. I have bought other accessories also with the same great service and delivery. Im keeping my eyes open for more items.
Paul Fullerton Woodland, CA US Thursday January 9th, 2003
I just want to say that I am impressed with you business. When my card was not going through when I ordered some reeds and you knew that I needed them you had no problem sending them before I sent a payment. That is just plain cool. Trust is something that is just not around anymore.My business is yours for life. Again Thank you!
J PATRICK CLINE STATESVILLE, NC US Friday November 22nd, 2002

For many months I had been searching for a King Super 20 SilverSonic Alto Sax. I located one on SAXQUEST that was in excellent condition. I looked and looked and looked but would not buy. I finally showed the website pictures to my wife one evening and explained the qualities of the horn to her. I am a devout jazz fan and 35 year player. I already own a 1967 vintage Selmer Mark VI tenor (original owner) and a Yamaha professional model alto. My wonderful wife took it upon herself to contact Mark at SAXQUEST regarding the Super 20. ALL pertinent information was provided and she was made to feel comfortable that she would not be making a mistake by buying this horn for me for Christmas. She did it. The horn arrived last week. It is EXACTLY as portrayed and plays fantastically. I am elated and I am a perfectionist. I give SAXQUEST the highest possible endorsement.

To Mark and staff, THANK YOU. I am truly in your debt.

Paul Varga Derby, United Kingdom Wednesday October 16th, 2002

Hi Mark & Saxquest. 10 months on and I finally leave some feedback! To anyone from overseas reading this, you can honestly buy with total confidence from Saxquest, as I did for the 1st time last December 2001, when I ordered a Selmer 1958 MK VI Tenor Sax. My biggest purchase ever, but well worth it.

MK VI's of this quality just don't surface in the UK. It took me 8 years to find my first and it isn't a patch on my Saxquest MK VI. Absolutely amazing horn and so well set up. Real experts. From top to bottom the sax was perfect. Normally I would never buy a sax without playing it first, but Mark's description was so true to form. No hyped sales BS either, just facts. Very helpful to chat to on the phone. Packaging for shipping was extremely well done - the size of a fridge freezer!! The important thing for new overseas buyers is that Saxquest uses very good air freight handlers who also efficiently process the Customs & Excise import paperwork for the UK.

I'm so pleased with the sax and have recently started working with one of the brass section players from the UK pop group Simply Red; now forming part of my horn section: www.TheEnormousHorns.com

Woei Yuan Seng Singapore Thursday November 15th, 2001

My mouthpiece arrived in excellent condition even though it 'flew' over an ocean.the best part about their service is that emails were always promptly replied to,always letting the customer(me)be kept informed of the transaction.A++++.Excellent!!!!!

Peter Wilson Kirkland, WA US Friday October 19th, 2001
I got my Cigar Cutter a week ago. Exactly as described (if not better), shipped quickly. I'm not the most experienced saxophone player, so Mark's advise and suggestions were needed and seem to be correct. Thanks Mark! -- Pete
Ned Otter New York, NY US Sunday October 14th, 2001
Knocked out by the horn - a Zephyr Special tenor - received from Saxquest. It's exactly as described, and came well packed. I've done business with them before, and would definitely order from them again. Ned Otter
Michael Pilch Jacksonville, FL US Saturday September 15th, 2001
I recently did a trade deal with Sax Quest and I am very pleased! They are quick, honest and have a great selection of saxophones and saxophone products. I am going to recommend Sax Quest to all my friends! I would absolutely do business with them again!! Great Job Guys!!

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