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Katrina Sabio corona, CA US Saturday November 22nd, 2008

I recently purchased The Ultimate Ligature Designed by Francois Louis in silver plating, as a Christmas gift to myself and am very happy with my order from Saxquest so far! The total wait time from my purchase date took only three days on standard shipping! Customer support answered questions about my order quickly too.

Initially, I thought the ligature was a little flimsy. However, the mechanism looks absolutely unique in its design: out of the box, you'll see a metal apparatus of four hollow, rods sodered across two pentagonal frames attatched to a solid metal plate, a screw adjustment and handle through the middle, with a (reed) holder plate held by the screw, above it. The framing and rods are slightly wider and tilted at one end to accept the shape of the mouthpiece. It also comes with a hard rubber cap lined with a pad of cotton to protect the reed and lig from scratching against the inside of the cap.

I wasn't sure if it would hold up to the standard, generic ligature I had been using since my instruction -about 10 yrs use. I have never had to replace it, and it still works decently today. But with corrosion now forming along the adjustment screws, I decided it had been time to give it a rest. After looking around and a reccomendation by a friend, I found the Ultimate Ligature by Francois Louis to be a perfect decision! I love this thing so far, and am happy with its craftsmanship and the unique look and feel it delivers. On top of the design, the Ultimate Ligature, in silver plating, promises to give more resistance for the player and produce a darker tone than the brass, gold, or laquered versions. I chose silver for this reason because I wanted that darker tone and resistance for both my classical and jazz music.

Although, I was happy with the product, I was disappointed that the ligature didn't fit my bigger, jazz type mouthpieces, considering it was supposed to be an "XL" in size. I was wrong to assume right away that it would fit well for (generally) any type of mouthpiece available. For now, it seems, I have to wait for a new vintage mouthpiece that I had to order after the ligature, in oder to be able to use the thing. Dispite this unseen set-back, I am glad to see how well designed this product truly is, taking aside my initial reactions in its structure and construction. I think I can tell that the ligature was created with care, and passion to produce it, and that's what counts -this ligature is not some generically manufactured piece of metal to hold and support your reed. It is all about quality. That's what you get from Francois Louis. Quality in design, craftsmanship, and even for quality of sound for your instrument.

Many do not need to spend 50 dollars for a ligature, but those who own these ligatures know that they are worth their price. If nothing else, I am also an artist by nature, and would consider this instrument a piece of art itself. I'm actually considering buying another one cheaper from another distributer and since it's not going to be used, it may even increase in value over time. Don't delay, go get one for yourself!

For the discounted price brought to you buy Saxquest, it makes a perfect gift, or stocking stuffer for the holidays!

Takashi Matsuzawa Ashiya Hyogo, JAPAN Friday October 24th, 2008

Hello Mark, George, and everyone at Saxquest; I just received the SBA tenor I recently purchased from you. The horn sounds incredible, outstanding,and looks beautiful too. I am very satisfied with my every Saxquest experience, the horn arrived in great shape, and right on time. no trouble,good shape! Thanks again!

Jeff Ellsworth Seattle, WA US Friday October 26th, 2007

My experience buying and selling saxophones led me to Saxquest. I've been blown away by their vast knowledge and willingness to free share information. Anyone considering buying a professional saxophone should consider Saxquest. Good honest people!!!

Tara Leah Chapman Cowen, WV US Friday September 14th, 2007

Everyone should look at Saxquest when considering a saxophone purchase!!

Barry Kelsey St. Augustine, FL US Friday September 7th, 2007

I just recieved the Tenny Meyer alto sax mouthpiece from Saxquest. What a killer piece. The guys at Saxquest really know their stuff. I was a bit skeptical at first buying sight unseen. But man am I glad I made the leap of faith. Thanks to everyone on the Saxquest squad!!! Keep up the good work!

Joseph Featherston Fredericksburg, VA US Monday August 13th, 2007

I recently bought the conn transitional model CG Conn alto sax from Saxquest! Great set up! Great Player! Kudos to the Saxquest repair shop for such a great restoration of such a deserving instrument.

Darleen Lee Bribie Island, AUSTRALIA Tuesday April 10th, 2007

Couldn't believe how fast I got this mouthpiece! I recommend anyone to buy from Saxquest! Very professional and on top of it with international shipping!!! Halfway across the world in less than a week. I'll be back to Saxquest again.

Markus Groebel Marl, GERMANY Friday March 23rd, 2007

Hello Jon, thank you for the fast delivery of my new mpc. It plays wonderful and is as described and promised. I am a satisfied customer. Markus

Jeff Ellsworth Seattle, WA US Monday March 19th, 2007

Hi Mark, The 7* Link Slant Sig tenor mouthpiece I ordered from you guys is wonderful. It took a few weeks to adjust to the new piece, but now my sound is much more fat and round. I can project without overblowing. It is definitely a keeper. Thanks again!

Bill Kirkwood CHISHOLM, Australia Tuesday March 6th, 2007

Thankyou very much- wonderful product (Francois Louis ligature) and sent VERY quickly to Australia. Great service! I'll be back!!!

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