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Saxquest Special Event – Ramon Wodkowski – woodwind mouthpiece specialist

When: 2013-06-24

Saxquest is thrilled to offer an exciting opportunity for woodwind instrumentalists. This coming Monday and Tuesday (June 24 & 25) we’ll be hosting internationally acclaimed mouthpiece specialist, Ramon Wodkowski. Ramon’s clients include many of the world’s leading soloists, orchestral musicians and educators around the world.

“I had the pleasure of working with Ramon in London last fall when the SLSO was on tour. Ramon is a fantastic, meticulous craftsman of the highest caliber. That he is coming to St. Louis is a rare opportunity for anyone seeking a quality hand-made clarinet mouthpiece.” – Diana Haskell, Associate Principal and Eb Clarinet – St. Louis Symphony Orchestra

Saxquest is currently booking time slots for players to work individually with Ramon. His fee for mouthpiece work & consultation is $75/hour. Please contact Saxquest ASAP if you’re interested in booking a session. We’ve already booked seven time slots and they’re filling fast just by word of mouth. So, if you’re interested, don’t hesitate on this one. One person is driving all the way in from Houston, TX. This is a very rare opportunity having Ramon right here in St. Louis.

Ramon also has his own line of mouthpieces which will be here and available for trial as well as a variety of refaced vintage and professional mouthpieces.

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