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Monthly Local Saxophonist Showcase #6 Chris Braig 3=1 Trio

When: Sat, Jun 10th 2017 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Where: Saxquest Shop
Cost: FREE
Sponsored By: Saxquest

We are very excited to present Chris Braig's 3=1 Trio here at Saxquest. The 3=1 Trio consists of three of the top call Jazz Musicians in the St. Louis area. Alongside Chris we will see Ben Wheeler on Bass and Steve Davis on Drums. Ben and Steve are easily two of the most in demand rhythm section players in the city of St. Louis, keeping a very busy schedule of gigs and teaching.
For this showcase Chris really wants to focus more on his persuit of education and teaching Jazz. The 3=1 Trio will be performing from 2-3pm and from 3-4 Chris Braig and the Trio will be working with students. PLEASE BRING YOUR INSTRUMENTS TO THIS SHOWCASE. Chris will be presenting his approaches to learning how to play Jazz from the books that he has written: Jazz Brain Training and Stacking the Saxophone. He will have books and cds for sale.
Chris has been a very big part of the St. Louis music education scene for several years now, and we can't wait to see his performance and learn more about his educational approaches to learning Jazz. For more information about Christopher Braig follow the link to his website.
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