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When: Sat, Apr 25th 2015 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM
Where: Saxquest
Cost: FREE
Sponsored By: Selmer

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Saxquest is honored to host a presentation of the new Selmer Paris Clarinets at our first ever Selmer-Paris Clarinet Day this SATURDAY from noon-2PM. This will be a wine & cheese (or non-alcoholic choice) style OPEN HOUSE. Be prepared to live for a few moments in CLARINET HEAVEN as we'll have several of the finest instruments manufactured today on hand for you to play test. We'll also delighted that Sophia Rojas, from Selmer, will be here in the shop if you have any questions about these marvelous instruments.

If you haven't been paying attention over the past couple years, you may have missed the fact that Selmer-Paris has absolutely ramped up their clarinet game. Without a doubt they are reinventing themselves as a SERIOUS manufacture of professional clarinets for use with today's symphony orchestras. In addition to several of the brand new SeleS Présence clarinets in Bb and A, we will have on hand Selmer's other professional clarinets, including the Privilèdge, Recital and Signature and the low C Selmer Privilèdge bass clarinet. Come with your mouthpieces and be ready to play these beautiful clarinets. If you have students, please let them know about this exciting opportunity to learn about Selmer Paris clarinets. Shown here is a link to a video about the Seles, Presence clarinet that we think you will enjoy: https://youtu.be/iraQnsqGMqo

Henri SELMER Paris unveils, under the new brand SeleS, a never before seen clarinet called Présence. Thanks to its innovative bore design, this clarinet has unique acoustic qualities that provide ease of emission, exceptional homogeneity and above all an instrument that is easy to play. The sound of the Présence clarinet is a mix of harmonic richness, and timbre; essential characteristics to the instrument. Also, the research done on the position and size of the tone holes has given this clarinet unrivalled intonation. Specially designed keys, as well as new key orientations and positions, provide unmatched mechanical precision and response combined with player comfort. Présence clarinets are available in B-flat and A with two keywork finishes available: silver or nickel as an option. An E-flat lever is also available as an option.

If you're a clarinetist, I hope to see you out on Saturday. This really is a special event and we're so grateful to Selmer-Paris for partnering with us to bring this opportunity to you and the St. Louis area.

Mark Overton