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Saxquest - Free Concert Artist Series Kim Bock - FLOW Organ Trio

When: Sat, Feb 6th 2010 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM
Where: Saxquest Shop
Cost: FREE!!
Sponsored By: Saxquest

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I'm very excited to invite you out to a great event this weekend at Saxquest. We're bringing in Kim Bock and his Organ Trio from New York who will be giving a blazing performance at the Saxquest shop this Saturday from 11AM-2PM. The setting will be informal and refreshments will be served (see address below).
Kim Bock (SteepleChase Records) toured with Maynard Ferguson for several years and has a great voice on tenor sax. Drummer, Peter Retzlaff, (Universal Records) is a Zildjian artist and one of New York's top call drummers. Organ player, Soren Moller, (Jazzheads Records) tours Europe every year with Dick Oatts and does things on organ that are simply amazing.
This is a great opportunity to meet and hear some of the hardest working jazz professionals on the scene today working at an incredibly high level. The intensity of their performance and the interplay these guys have with each other really draws in and engages the listener. I've attached a flier with all of the details. Its free and open to the public. Also, they will be playing at the Gramophone Friday night from 8pm-10pm.
I'm delighted to bring such a wonderful group into St. Louis and hope to see you out either Friday at the Gramophone or Saturday at the Saxquest Shop. Remember, our enthusiasm to continue hosting these kinds of events depends on how many people we get coming to check them out. Thanks for your support!!!