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Saxquest is fully stocked with new Yamaha saxophones

Saxquest is an authorized Yamaha dealerSaxquest is proud to announce that we have come on board with Yamaha as an official authorized dealer. We’re excited about this partnership with Yamaha! We will be dealing exclusively with high-end woodwinds and we’ll be STOCKING a good selection of Yamaha instruments here in the store. All new Yamaha saxophones and clarinets will be gone through extensively and given a full professional set up.
We’re especially pumped today to have received our first shipment of brand new Yamaha saxophones. Come by and be one of the first to play test these awesome new horns that include the Custom Z, Custom EX, New 62 Series III and the super killin’ 62R bent neck one piece soprano! If you can’t get into the shop, stay tuned to our web site as we’ll be posting videos of the ACTUAL instruments that we have in stock so you can see first hand the instrument in action before pulling the trigger!Check it out:http://www.saxquest.com/index.php/store/category/modern-saxes-C7/manufacturer/155
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