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Saxquest is open (in a limited capacity)

Just wanting to update everyone on how we’ve been doing. We’ve had a great positive response to our playtest-by-appointment scheduling. Our customers have been very patient and have been great working with us on getting you in where we have slots available. Thank you very much! Starting Saturday, July 11, we will begin taking Saturday appointments as well. So if you’d like to trial a sax or clarinet in our store, please call the shop or email us to set up a time. We are sanitizing all horns and the entire play-test room after every customer, so you’ll be safe in this environment.

Repairs are also open as well. Our repair techs have a staggered schedule, with a combination of working-at-home and working-in-store, but there’s always a couple people in our shop who can look at your instrument, and give you an estimate on the repair. We are no longer offering same-day repairs (short of a quick minor fix like a neck cork), but we’re happy to give you an estimate on time and cost when we see the instrument.

So, call and make an appointment to play some horns, or stop by for a repair estimate or to buy the reeds you need. Our hours are Monday – Friday, 10am – 6pm, and Saturdays 10am – 2pm. We are still requiring all customers to wear a mask in store.

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4 Responses to Saxquest is open (in a limited capacity)

  1. Bruce Wayne Underwood July 20, 2020 at 5:00 pm

    I am interested in commuting daily by Amtrak from Springfield, Illinois to St Louis, Missouri and back. I would like to apprentice as a saxophone repairer. I will not move permanently to St Louis, if you wanted to take in an apprentice based on his enthusiasm….

    • We appreciate the enthusiasm! Unfortunately we only have space for 1 apprentice, and that position is currently filled. I am sorry. My advice is, until you find a place to learn, to work at home to start gaining some experience. You can pick up “junk” horns on ebay for next to nothing. Take them apart, put them back together, replace pads and material, etc. There are tons of videos online these days to give you some guidance. Good luck!

  2. Zachary Weiler July 6, 2020 at 1:50 am

    Hi, a couple of questions.

    I am interested in buying a tenor within the next 3/4 months. With COVID, do you have restrictions on how many horns one person can test during an appointment? I am primarily interested in the TM horns and the Super 20’s.

    Also, what does your availability look like in October?

    Any other details I should know regarding setting up an appointment?


    Zachary Weiler

    • Hi Zachary! We are restricting mouthpiece/accessory playtesting, but no real restrictions on horns. Our stock is always varying, so call the shop when it gets closer to time when you want to come in, just to check our stock and see what you might be interested in. Our appointments often get pretty full during the week, but as long as you call a week or 2 ahead of time, we’ll be able to get you in. And since things are always changing, hopefully things are better come October! We’ll see you then.

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