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Saxquest is open (in a limited capacity)

Just wanting to update everyone on how we’ve been doing. We’ve had a great positive response to our playtest-by-appointment scheduling. Our customers have been very patient and have been great working with us on getting you in where we have slots available. Thank you very much! Starting Saturday, July 11, we will begin taking Saturday appointments as well. So if you’d like to trial a sax or clarinet in our store, please call the shop or email us to set up a time. We are sanitizing all horns and the entire play-test room after every customer, so you’ll be safe in this environment.

Repairs are also open as well. Our repair techs have a staggered schedule, with a combination of working-at-home and working-in-store, but there’s always a couple people in our shop who can look at your instrument, and give you an estimate on the repair. We are no longer offering same-day repairs (short of a quick minor fix like a neck cork), but we’re happy to give you an estimate on time and cost when we see the instrument.

So, call and make an appointment to play some horns, or stop by for a repair estimate or to buy the reeds you need. Our hours are Monday – Friday, 10am – 6pm, and Saturdays 10am – 2pm. We are still requiring all customers to wear a mask in store.

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Saxquest is getting ready to (safely) re-open

We hope that you have been able to stay healthy and sane over the past two months of shut-down due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

St Louis has begun lifting restrictions and reopening the city as of May 18. We are excited to announce that this allows us to reopen our doors for business. Our top priority in this initial reopening phase is to provide a safe environment for you and for our employees who will be returning to work. As such, we will be re-opening with a reduced in-store staff and will continue our practice of both on-site and off-site repairs. We will be practicing social distancing and following all the recommendations issued by the CDC in this “new normal.”

Our hours during the week will be the same as always: Monday – Friday 10am – 6pm but Saturdays will be by appointment only, for now (phone hours on Saturday are 10am-2pm). For accessory needs, we recommend placing your order on our web site. We’re offering free shipping for any orders over $100 and generally can ship the same day for orders placed before noon.

If you stop by the shop for reeds/accessories or if you need to drop off/pick up a repair, anytime during store hours is fine. However, if you would like to play test an instrument or mouthpiece, we will be doing that by appointment only for the foreseeable future. To reduce the number of people in the building, we are limiting our instrument/mouthpiece trials to one customer at a time. Please understand, if you show up at the store to play horns, and you don’t have an appointment, we will fit you in if we can but may have to ask you to wait if someone else has an appointment. After each appointment, we will be sanitizing the play test room and any equipment that was tried before the next appointment. We also ask that you bring along only one or two friends or family members or private instructor during an appointment. Lastly, everyone visiting the store is required to wear a mask. If you come in without a mask, you will not be allowed in the building.

So, you make that appointment, you have your mask, and you want to play some stuff, what can you play? The answer is just about any horn in the shop, with just a couple exceptions. Sanitizing horns can easily be done for lacquer and plated instruments; however, it cannot be done on unlacquered instruments (without leaving streaks). So, for now, new unlacquered instruments are not available for play testing. You can also play test any used or vintage mouthpiece (again, we’ll properly clean and sanitize when you are finished), but only those new mouthpieces that we have demos on hand can be play tested. Other new mouthpieces in the box and accessories (including ligatures) will not be available for play testing.

Going along with keeping numbers in our store down, many of our repair techs are going to continue to work from home. Except for simple repairs such as replacing a neck cork or tenon cork, we will not have enough techs on hand to do same-day repairs at this time. You can certainly still drop a horn off for repair and as always, the turnaround time will vary based on the repair needs.

Music is a great escape for everyone, and I have, like I’m sure many of you have, been listening to a lot of music and itching to start making some of my own with friends again. Saxquest will be doing everything we can to help our customers make music in a safe manner.

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Is it time to get that instrument properly repaired?

Got a few leaking pads or clicky keys? Did you bump your horn and it has nice big dent you’d like removed? Is your horn being held together with spit and tape? Have you been putting off repair work because you normally play every weekend? Let us fix your sax or clarinet (or flute, or trumpet, etc.) and get it back in perfect playing condition. All of our techs are currently working from home, and work is still getting done! Give us a call at 314-664-1234, or email us at info@saxquest.com, and talk to us about shipping us your instrument for repair. We’ll give you a rough ballpark estimate before you ship it, and a concrete one once it arrives. Though our retail store is closed, we do have a staff member on hand during the day to receive shipments and ship out orders and completed repairs. Once stuff starts opening up (and the baton is ready to drop on gigs again) you’ll want your instrument ready to go!

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Everyone stay safe!

I hope everyone is dealing as best they can with our new shared reality. For now, Saxquest will remain open and with normal store hours, but we are taking several precautions, some of which will affect our in-store customers.

Unfortunately for the time being, any new mouthpiece or ligature cannot be play tested in the store. We are also temporarily halting our practice of hand-selecting mouthpieces (by play testing), which many online buyers have asked us to do over the years. All of this means that any piece you buy from our store will be completely new, factory sealed, and no one will have played it yet. You can still try used and vintage mouthpieces in our store, and rest assured, they will be heavily sanitized after each play.

Instruments can still be played in the store and they will be sanitized as thoroughly as possible after each use. Our repair shop has been trained on using the most sanitizing methods possible. We also urge all of our customers to wash their hands often, as all of our staff is doing as well. We’ll be wiping down doorknobs, countertops, case handles, etc…. thoroughly and often.

Its our sincere hope that everyone remain safe. We will continue to do what we do so you can continue to make music.

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Happy New Year!

We’re hoping all our musician friends have a safe and fun night on New Years Eve, and success in 2020. Looking ahead to next year, we’ll be busy in January with traveling to JEN and MMEA. We’ve got exciting stuff planned for this new year, so please come by the shop and see what brewing. Good luck to all!

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Black Friday Deals for you!

We’ve got some great Black Friday deals coming at you this year! These will go on until the end of the day on Monday 12/2.

1.) $50 off all Saxquest mouthpieces. This includes:

– ‘The Hoss’ soprano sax mouthpiece – $225 (orig. $275)
– ‘The Voice’ soprano sax mouthpiece – $225 (orig. $275)
– ‘The Lead’ alto saxophone mouthpiece – $265 (orig. $315)
– ‘The Tram’ C-Melody mouthpiece – $249 (orig. $299)
– ‘The Core’ tenor sax mouthpiece – $300 (orig. $350)
– ‘The Bridge’ tenor sax mouthpiece – $300 (orig. $350)
– ‘The Hoss’ tenor sax mouthpiece – $300 (orig. $350)
– ‘The Hoss’ bari sax mouthpiece – $349 (orig. $399)
– ‘The Lyrique’ alto saxophone mouthpiece – $199 (orig. $249)
– ‘The Lyrique’ tenor sax mouthpiece – $219 (orig. $269)

2.) $100 Saxquest repair gift card for $80

6 gift cards ($600 value for $480) = $70 off student horn overhaul
10 gift cards ($1000 value for $800) = $200 off pro-horn overhaul

3.) $200 off Saxquest Intermediate horns. This includes:

-Saxquest Step-Up alto – $1,495 (orig. $1,695)
-Saxquest Step-Up tenor – $1,995 (orig. $2,195)

Happy Thanksgiving, all!

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Saxquest Closed on Monday September 2 for Labor Day

Go eat some BBQ, take one last dip in the pool, or maybe even pull out the saxophone and get some good practice in, but whatever you do, don’t come to Saxquest on Monday, September 2. We’ll be closed, and following our own preceding advice. Normal hours the rest of the week, 10am – 6pm and Saturday 10am – 2pm (including the Saturday before the holiday).

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PSA: Saxquest CLOSED all day on Wednesday May 8

Please mark your calendars, the store and repair shop will both be closed all day on Wednesday, May 8, for an employee outing. The boss is taking the team to the Cardinals game. If you are playing hooky and going to the game too, stop by the bleachers and share a beverage!

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Prices lowered across the board on Vintage Saxes (including Mark VI’s!)

Check out our Vintage Saxes section, for a limited time we’ve lowered prices pretty much across the board, including our good selection of Mark VI altos and tenors. Get them while the getting is good!


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Bringing in the new year

I hope everyone had a great holiday and is looking forward to the new year as much as us at Saxquest. We’ve got some exciting developments for the new year, including a new mouthpiece. In the immediate future, we will be at the JEN show and MMEA again this year, so we hope to see you there. Looking ahead to February and March, we’re going to have some fantastic events at the shop in our Concert Artist series, some long-time Saxquest friends including Tim Aubuchon, Stephen Martin, and Paul DeMarinis, so stay tuned for more details as those draw nearer.

Everyone be safe at your New Years Eve gigs, and come by the shop or visit the booth at one of the shows, and say “hi!” The store will be closed on News Years Day, but normal hours otherwise the rest of the week.

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