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Saxquest Supports City Schools










Saxquest is a huge supporter of education at all levels. Located in the heart of the City of St. Louis, we’re especially sensitive to the needs of inner-city schools in our immediate community. Addressing the issue of quality education for┬ácity schools is one of the greatest challenges of our generation! Here you see Saxquest owner, Mark Overton, donating an evening of jazz to benefit St. Louis city primary-middle charter school, City Garden Montessori (2nd annual Gala event). We believe in the school’s approach of harnessing a child’s natural wonder at the world by providing a multi-cultural focus, encouraging scientific observation and incorporating music, art, and foreign language as part of the core curriculum along side math and reading; a learning approach that honors each child individually. We ask anyone reading this to also find a way to donate to your city’s charter and public schools in whatever capacity you can.



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