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Everyone stay safe!

I hope everyone is dealing as best they can with our new shared reality. For now, Saxquest will remain open and with normal store hours, but we are taking several precautions, some of which will affect our in-store customers.

Unfortunately for the time being, any new mouthpiece or ligature cannot be play tested in the store. We are also temporarily halting our practice of hand-selecting mouthpieces (by play testing), which many online buyers have asked us to do over the years. All of this means that any piece you buy from our store will be completely new, factory sealed, and no one will have played it yet. You can still try used and vintage mouthpieces in our store, and rest assured, they will be heavily sanitized after each play.

Instruments can still be played in the store and they will be sanitized as thoroughly as possible after each use. Our repair shop has been trained on using the most sanitizing methods possible. We also urge all of our customers to wash their hands often, as all of our staff is doing as well. We’ll be wiping down doorknobs, countertops, case handles, etc…. thoroughly and often.

Its our sincere hope that everyone remain safe. We will continue to do what we do so you can continue to make music.

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