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Clarinetquest now LIVE & Saxquest has a new 2nd Location!

Two separate exciting pieces of news, long in the coming here at Saxquest.

First, after much preparation and tweaking, Clarinetquest is now live! This is a totally new website for all you clarinet players out there. Saxquest has continued to expand our clarinet selection over the last few years, and it is long past time that we have a dedicated website for that part of our business. Clarinetquest is just for clarinet players, showcasing all of our current stock of professional and student clarinets as well as all of the accessories. You can continue to find these items on Saxquest too, that won’t change, but if you are just looking at clarinets and don’t want to see the pesky saxophone stuff in the way, definitely head over to Clarinetquest and try it out!

Second, we are finally on the cusp of opening a second location. Saxquest West will be throwing the doors open in the next week or two. Located at 2614 Metro Blvd in Maryland Heights, right near the intersection of I-270 and Dorsett Rd, this location is great for our customers in Chesterfield or St Charles who don’t want to drive all the way into the city. For local musicians, this is right next door to Midwest Sheet Music (formerly MR Music) and Steinway Piano Gallery. More than just saxophones and clarinets, this new store will also have brass and strings on hand too. The main Saxquest location on Cherokee St will still be the go-to spot for vintage and professional saxophones and clarinets, as well as high-end professional and vintage mouthpieces, but the new Saxquest West will have plenty to offer for those that live a little further out, and will save a lot of miles on your car!

That’s not all the news for Saxquest either. We have some extremely exciting ideas in the early development stages, but things are moving quickly and look for some big announcements this fall about further expansions and new events. We’ll keep striving to help our local and long-distance customers find the best instrument or mouthpiece, or offer advice if that is all you need.

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