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Another week down, another show to travel to, plus major Saxquest news!

Saxquest had a blast at Missouri’s and Illinois’ MEA shows last week. We got to see a lot of our regular customers and got some great feedback on our new Bridge and Core mouthpieces. We have another show coming up in a week, we’ll be heading down to the large TMEA convention in San Antonio. At this show, not only will Saxquest have a booth, but the brand new Clarinetquest will also have its own booth.

Clarinetquest has been a long time coming. As our clarinet business has grown at Saxquest, we wanted to become more dedicated to those players who come to us for clarinets, reeds, and repair work. We’ll be launching its new website soon, totally dedicated to clarinets and their accessories, so keep an eye out for more announcements as TMEA gets closer.

As Clarinetquest launches, don’t think that Saxquest is resting on its laurels. The Bridge and Core mouthpieces are doing great for tenor, and we hope to finally have enough alto Leads to start selling them on a large scale soon. We also have a new Saxquest soprano mouthpiece and two new Saxquest bari sax mouthpieces in the works. Other super-secret projects are in the pipeline too, so as always, keep an eye on our website and facebook pages.

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