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New Upcoming Events @ Saxquest this Summer!

We’ve been busy putting together a few events at the Saxquest shop this spring & summer. We’re still hashing out the details on a few, but here’s a couple you can start marking your calendars for:

On Saturday, April 4, we’re going to have¬†Jamey Aebersold for a clinic from 2-4pm. We’ve been wanting to host¬†Jamey for quite some time, and we are very excited to finally put this together! His Play-A-Long series and summer jazz workshops are a long-time staple in many an advancing jazz saxophonist’s upbringing.

A few weeks after that, on Saturday April 25, we’re going to have a “Selmer Clarinet Day” at the Saxquest shop from 2-4pm. Conn-Selmer will be on hand with the latest and greatest Selmer Paris model clarinets for you to play test in our store. We may also put together a mini-concert or clinic for this event as well.

More events will continue to be added, please put these down on your calendar and check back for more!

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