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November 2012 Sax Trivia Contest

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Dennis Simonson from Madison, WI US

Contest background

Very few musicians or composers have left such an internal thumb print in as many different musical areas over the last fifty years as this month’s featured artist. This Philadelphia born musician got his start during the late be-bop period and has continued playing and writing ever sense. He is still an active player and clinician today in 2012.

As a musician and composer he has written and performed with everyone from Miles Davis to Mamma Cass. His work with the pen has been heard on well known TV sitcoms, ABC and BBC specials as well The Academy Awards. His popularity was even extended once more in 2004 when he appeared in a popular movie staring Catherine Zeta Jones.

Contest Question

Who was this months Artist/Composer and what was one of the 8 compositions he contributed to the list of jazz standards? What was the movie he appeared in?

Correct Answer

Benny Golson Killer Joe, I Remember Clifford, Along Came Betty, Stablemates, Whisper Not, Blues March, Five Spot After Dark, Are You Real? Moive: The Terminal with Tom Hanks and Catherine Zeta Jones

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