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December 2018 Sax Trivia Contest


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Brian Raneses from Helena, US

Contest background

Around 1960, this classically trained pianist encouraged his friend, Duke, to tackle a series of Suites, but with a twist. This album was recorded at the Radio Recorders studio under the Columbia label. 

Contest Question

What was the name of the pianist and the name of the album?  BONUS: Can you name one of the saxophonists who recorded on the album? 

Correct Answer

Pianist: Billy Strayhorn Saxophonists: Johnny Hodges, Jimmy Hamilton, Russell Procope, Paul Gonsalves, Harry Carney  Album: The Nutcracker Suite 

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Thanks to everyone who played this month's Saxquest Trivia contest. Please stop back and check out the new contest that's up and running now.