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July 2012 Sax Trivia Contest

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Contest background

In the fall of 1947 a well known big band leader was putting together a new line up of musicians for a new big band. Big Bands were in a period of decline at this time so the leader was looking for something new to give his group a unique sound. His solution was to have a 4 man saxophone section that primarily featured the tenor saxophone as opposed to alto. He then hired 3 new tenor players, a bari sax player from Boston and an additional tenor player was also hired to be a staff arranger and composer for the band.

Soon after the band was formed the arranger wrote a composition that featured the new saxophone frontline. It featured a lead tenor voice on top with the bari doubled one octave lower while the other two tenors filled in the harmony in-between. The title of this tune was the trade mark name for the bands original 4 person saxophone section.

Contest Question

What was the name of this big band, who was the original saxophone line up and what was the featured composition and its composer?

Correct Answer

Woody Herman Big Band “The Second Herd” Original Saxophone Line up Tenor Sax -- Stan Getz Tenor Sax -- Zoot Sims Tenor Sax -- Herbie Steward Bari Sax -- Serge Chaloff Featured Composition: Four Brothers by Jimmy Giuffre

Where You Could Have Found The Answer

A New History of Jazz by Alyn Shipton
Thank you for playing the July 2012 Saxophone Trivia!