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April 2005 Sax Trivia Contest

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Glenn Good from Chicago, IL US

Contest background

When we think of free jazz we think of the music of artists such as Ornette Coleman, Don Cherry or Cecil Taylor. Although these musicians may have been the first musicians to make free jazz the focus of their careers, the first free jazz recordings to be released on a label were made several years earlier by musicians not normally associated with free jazz.

Contest Question

What group recorded the earliest free jazz recordings for a major label, when were they recorded and who were the saxophone players in that group?

Correct Answer

The first free jazz recordings were made in 1949 by Lennie Tristano’s group which included saxophonists Lee Konitz and Warne Marsh. The performances were called Intuition and Digression and were first released on a Capital LP called Crosscurrents. The two cuts, "Intuition" and "Digression," were created spontaneously, without any pre-ordained reference to time, tonality, or melody. They were later reissued on a CD called Intuition.

Where You Could Have Found The Answer

The Lennie Tristano Biography
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