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July 2006 Sax Trivia Contest

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Vicky Mallow from Hesperus, CO US

Contest background

Formed in 1955, when jazz musicians on both coasts exhibited a penchant for experimenting with exotic instrumentation and musical forms, this jazz quintet became a west coast sensation.

The presence of a cello and the fact that the reed player was as likely to be playing flute or clarinet as saxophone, were characteristic to this group. Their use superb use of dynamics and subtle shadings of tonal colors gave rise to the term "chamber jazz". By playing in a softer range, the quintet could often force jazz audiences to abandon table-side conversations and listen intently to the music (a lesson that could benefit many of today's jazz musicians). This lesson may have been learned by the group's leader earlier in his tenure with the Gerry Mulligan Quartet. Further, the group didn't rely soley on the typical format of theme, solo, solo, solo, theme, out. Rather, they many times relied on group interplay and group improvisation to allow the tune to take a natural direction as opposed to following a preconceived path.

Contest Question

What was the name of this quintet and who were the three saxophonists that recoreded with the group from 1955 to 1960?

Correct Answer

The Chico Hamilton Quintet - Buddy Collette, Paul Horn, Eric Dolphy

Where You Could Have Found The Answer

Chico Hamilton Quintet
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