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January 2002 Sax Trivia Contest


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Pierre Hafteck from Elizabeth, NJ US

Contest background

I was built in 1928.

I have split bell keys and soldered on tone holes

I was not orignally built with a front F key, but several repair technicians over the years have tried with varying degrees of success to add one to me

I am unique in my family because I have only 2 right hand palm keys

Contest Question

Who am I? Please select from the answers below..... Martin Handcraft Imperial Keilwerth "Weltklang" Stencil Martin Handcraft Committee Buescher "Selmer" New York Holton "Rudy Weidolf" Keilwerth "The World" Stencil Martin Handcraft Troubadour Selmer Modele 22 Martin Magna Martin Typewriter Holton "Artist" Keilwerth "Huller" Stencil

Correct Answer

7. Handcraft Troubadour

Where You Could Have Found The Answer

The Martin Story
Thanks to everyone who entered our first contest of the new year 2002!!