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Flute Piccolo Repair

Flute and Piccolo Repair

Saxquest specializes in mechanical overhauls, and total instrument restorations as well as personalized setups and custom key work. Our focus has always been on YOU as a player. Our shop philosophy is to approach each repair as a partnership with you. Each of our professional techs has over 20 years of experience working on student and professional flutes and piccolos, and we are happy to talk to you regarding your options in overhauling your instrument. Our head flute tech, Chris Funck, is Straubinger certified, so please inquire about having your professional flute repadded with Straubinger pads.

Minor Repairs are billed at a rate of $50/hr shop rate

Student Model Flutes & Piccolos

price for dent work and parts not included

Playing Condition for Student Model Instruments (Plus Pads)

Plateau Fiutes $79 – Piccolo (cork) $109 – Open Hole Flutes $109 – Piccolo (bladder) $109

Mechanism is removed from the instrument so it can be oiled. Replace worn or missing key cocks, felts, or other silencers
Headioint cork is checked for position & fit (Replace only if necessary at an additional charge) Flute bodies are washed and dipped to remove tarnish and sanitize tubes.
Corrosion is removed from the hinge tubes, hinge rods, and pivot screws. Minor lost motion is removed from the key mechanism.
Pad leaks are eliminated by shimming the pads. Key mechanism is regulated to playing condition and venting height is adjusted
Case is cleaned inside and out The instrument receives a final play test
30 Day Warranty

Mechanical Overhaul for Student Flutes (Plus Pads)

Plateau Fiutes $199 – Piccolo (cork) $199 – Open Hole Flutes $279 – Piccolo (bladder) $199

Instrument is disassembled and the mechanism is refit. Straighten rods and keys as necessary. Remove frozen keys and screws as needed.
Instrument is depinned and cleaned in detergent, then dipped in tamer to remove tarnish. Easily accessible dents are removed from tubing and body tube is straightened if necessary.
All new pads, feet corks, and headjoint corks are installed. Pad leaks are eliminated by shimming the pads. New springs are changed as necessary.
Misalign posts are corrected. Lube screws and rods. Clean case Inside and out
Regulate key mechanisms to top playing condition. (Excessively worn or damaged tone holes are by quote only) Instrument is polished and receives a final play test
6 Month Warranty

Professional Model Flutes & Piccolos

price for dent work and parts not included

Mechanical Overhaul for Professional Flutes (Plus Pads)

Flutes (Bladder Pads) $450-$780 – Piccolo (Bladder or Cork Pads) $590 – Straubinger Pad job – $1200-$1500

Mechanical problems or bent mechanisms are repaired (excessive damage by quote only) Flute mechanism is refit (swedged) to tolerances of less than .001 of an inch.
Any swedging marks are removed with polish paste and micromesh paper. All flute tubes and keys are hand polished with a polish paste and micromesh paper to remove scratches and tarnish. The pad retaining rings are cleaned and polished. Refit or replaced as needed.
The mechanism is depinned and the hinge rods and tubes are cleaned and polished. Soldered tone holes are checked for leaks.
The keys and tubes are washed and sanitized in detergent and water. Remaining tarnish is chemically cleaned. All bumpers and regulation shims are removed (before washing) and replaced with felt bumpers, leather and corks as dictated by individual keys.
Hinge rods and pivot screws replaced as needed. Springs (stainless, phosphor-bronze) will be replaced as needed.
All pads are replaced using the highest quality treated, double skin pad. Keys are not bent to level the pad unless a repair is being executed. Shimming to tolerance of less than .001 of an inch is standard. No seat will be inserted into the pad. All accessible dents are removed.
New headjoint cork is installed. The embouchure hole is cleaned and polished.
Tenon fit is checked. Case is cleaned.
Flute is tested and wiped down to remove prints and smears.
1 Year Warranty

Individual Services for Flutes and Piccolos:

Head joint cork $20.00 Polish and flush $50.00
Refit tenon $25.00 Replace pads $16.00 each
Solder broken ribs $25.00 each Solder joints (silver) $30.00 each
Solder joints (soft) $25.00 each Stuck head joint Minimum charge of $25.00

By Quote Only:

Align bent body/tubing Refinishing Case Repair Regulate
Clean sticky pads and tone holes Repair damaged tenon Cut out stuck hinge rods Straighten bent hinge rods
Dent removal Straighten bent keys Excessively worn or damaged tone holes Free binding keys
Key fitting Make new hinge rods Redress Tone Holes

Request a quote and/or time frame for repair work.

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