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WOW! Gorgeous SML Rev D Alto Sax in ORIGINAL Perma-Gold Finish - Serial # 9664

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This is a truly fantastic condition SML “Rev D” model alto sax in original perma-gold finish, serial number 9664. Most perma-gold horns we see show a lot of wear, but this one still looks incredible, with only mild wear.


Perma-gold is often mistaken for gold plate because it looks so much like it, but it is actually a lacquer-like finish applied over the silver plating. This ends up being more fragile than regular gold plate, so over the years, they often show a lot of wear with much (or most) of the gold finish worn off. This alto shows some wear to the gold on the bell and a few touch points, as seen in the photos, but it still has good overall coverage on most of the horn.


Physically the horn is really straight. No major past dent work and no major trauma. There's one resolder on a single foot of the low Eb keyguard. That is the only previous repair. The rolled tone holes have never been filed on, and the original neck has never been damaged. This sax was recently completely overhauled in our shop by Josh Creekmore, using all new leather pads, metal resonators, and new material throughout. We have it playing better than the day it left the factory in 1952, and it will get a final check up before shipping.


This is really a world-class instrument for players and collectors alike. If you love these old SML horns (and who doesn't?!), this is a fine example in a condition that you don't often see.