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Vintage Wood Wind Company 6* Lelandais Metal Mouthpiece for Tenor Sax, Serial #X886

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Product ID: X883WwindCo6sTenSH

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Wood Wind Company 6*
This is vintage metal mouthpiece for tenor sax by the Wood Wind Company. The mouthpiece is in great shape around the outer body, shank and beak. Its bite plate is also in good condition. Its profile around the table and side rails is in very good condition. The tip rail is also in decent condition but it does have little more wear on one side. 
These pieces have a medium chamber with a circular throat shape leading into rounded inner side walls and a subtle baffle roll leading up to the tip. The piece plays with very quick response to air flow and can put out an impressive amount of projection. A good item if you are looking for something fairly straight forward that can be played with just a little extra sizzle when desired.
The tip opening on the mouthpiece measures .100”. This piece is with an old ligature, does not include cap.