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Vintage Winston Alto Saxophone, Serial #9065 Restored Gold Lacquer - Made in Italy

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Our Price: $ 450.00

Product ID: 9065WinstonAlto

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This is a vintage Italian made Winston alto saxophone in gold lacquer, serial #9065. This older saxophone does not have any relation to the modern EM Winston student saxophones. 
The sax is in pretty straight forward physical condition as it sits. Its construction feels and looks somewhat similar to some of the vintage American altos of the later 1960's. This one in particular was restored in the past. The lacquer was re-finished before it was re-padded. At this time it is playing decently through plenty of leaks on an older mix of pads and plastic resonators. 
This could be a great item if you are looking for an interesting vintage sax for at home use. If you are planning on putting a lot of play time on it the sax would need some set-up work. Because of the older age of the pads it might make more sense to do a complete re-pad, but that depends on how picky you and your repair tech are. 
Saxquest currently has a ton of great vintage saxophones but we sadly do not have the time to work on all of them. As such we are selling this one in as is condition at a lower price point. 
Ships in as is condition with a good case.