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Vintage 'The Martin' Committee III Tenor Saxophone in Gold Lacquer, Serial #169741

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Product ID: 169741MartinTenor


HELP, I Want One!

This is a vintage Martin Committee III “The Martin” tenor saxophone in gold lacquer, serial number 169741. The Martin tenors feature an ultra clear forward projecting sound and are quite versatile. These horns are ideal for the pro players looking for something very reliable at a reasonable price point. The Martin tenor features key work from low Bb to high palm and front F. They also have a sliding thumb rest for the right hand, pearl touch chromatic F#, left hand bell keys and beveled tone holes. 
The pictures of this tenor tell its story quite nicely. It has had a decent amount of use and was re-lacquered at some point in the past. As it sits the body is in very solid condition. Looking over the horn closely it does not show any signs of major trauma or serious past repairs. Its bow cap is in great shape and was never pushed in. The horn is with the original neck and matching serial number. Much of the finish is off of the neck at this time but it does not show signs of ever being pulled down. 
This Martin came into our shop playing nicely on a slightly older re-pad from another shop. It was padded with a set of brown leather pads and metal Maesto resonators. The horn does have slightly more open key heights at this time. Depending on your personal tastes it could use some set up in order to be perfect. Because it is playing nicely at this time with its current set-up we are offering this one in as is condition and at a lower price. 
Ships out playing in as is condition with the original Martin hard case.