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Vintage Supertone 'Bandmaster' Alto in Satin Silver with Gold Wash Bell #02538 - Pan-Am Stencil

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Product ID: 02538SupertoneSilAlto

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Fantastic Condition Pan American Stencil Horn
Here we have a Supertone 'Bandmaster' model saxophone in matte silver plate, serial number #02538. This saxophone is actually a Pan American stencil and is playing through a few leaks, we are offering it in as-is condition.
The label 'Supertone' was actually applied to a number of saxophone manufacturers' models throughout the 1920s-1930s, it's hard to place a manufacturing date on stencil horns. This model from Pan-Am resembles a Conn Chu with simplified keywork.
Although this horn has standard chromatic keywork for a vintage horn, this one was made with-out a bis key-touch in the upper stack. So it only closes with 1-and-1 Bb fingering. You can finger Bb with a side key like always, there is key work that goes all the way up to palm-F.
Sonically, this sax has a lovely tone, it's got a hint of sweetness in the upper register, a little brightness as well, but overall a rich tone. 
This little player would do good with an overhaul to restore the pads and materials. As it sits, the pads are a pretty old set with black plastic resonators, the blued-steel needle springs have a light layer of oxidation forming on them. The neck doesn't have any pull down showing. All the silver plating remains with little wear, the gold wash in the bell is original too!
We will ship this horn in as is condition with the original neck in a hardwood box-style carrying case.