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Vintage Selmer Paris Original Lacquer Mark VI Gold w/ Nickel Silver Key work, Serial #209812

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Selmer Paris – 1973
This is a striking Mark VI alto from 1973 in original lacquer and nickel silver key work, serial number 209812. Selmer made a limited number of Mark VI's in this lacquer/silver key configuration. These saxophones were special order only items at the time they were made. This one is in remarkable physical and cosmetic condition. It shows some history of honest play time from past use as well as some acid bleed. (acid bleed is cosmetic lacquer discoloration caused by moisture coming up from under the finish) There has never been any serious body repair or re-solders on he alto. Its original neck is with the horn and is also in amazing condition and has never been pulled down. 
As a player this alto features clear projection with a colorful, warm character. The control and balance is also excellent. Its key work still feels fresh under the fingers allowing for a comfortable and ultra fluid playing experience. Looking over the saxophone it does not look like it has ever been serviced previously. It came into our store with all of he original pads and materials.  These pads are all past their prime this saxophone is due to be mechanically overhauled. As such this alto is currently awaiting a professional overhaul in the Saxquest shop. The work will include a dissemble, cleaning, precise key fitting and a thorough set up. Once complete it will be outfitted with a premium leather pad set, brown nylon resonators and all new corks and felts. 
A beautiful Mark VI with a ultra colorful sound. Before we put it in the shop line we had Ben do a quick play test on its existing pads to see how it played. While it is a little bit of a struggle at the minute the horn still shows a beautiful sound and clear response. We can not wait to play this one again when the restoration is complete!
Ships in perfect playing condition with a fresh overhaul from our shop and the original Selmer European wood hard case.