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Vintage Selmer Paris Modèle 26 Alto Saxophone in Silver Plate #5880

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Product ID: 5880SelmMod26AltSil

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Absolutely Beautiful Restoration!
Here we have a Selmer Paris Modèle 26 alto sax in burnished silver plate, serial number #5880. The Modèle 26 was the 2nd main model manufactured by Selmer, the 26 was manufactured for only two years before production shifted to the Modèle 28. The 26 had an updated, larger bore, as well as key work changes from the 22.
This sax features chromatic key-work from low Bb up to palm-F, standard side-keys for Bb, C, high-E, and F# in the right hand. The right and left-hand pinky keys have hard-rubber rollers that are turning freely, the left pinky G# is articulated with all the bell keys. It's no secret that this horn was completely restored and re-plated, the engraving is faded, the scroll pattern on the bands for the bow are also faded, but this horn shines brilliantly! The real mother-of-pearl key touches reflect pink and green overtones. There appears to be a crack forming on the receiver around the screw.
The horn looks great, but it plays with a lot of leaks. The pads are a bit old, but they are holding a seal reliably for a playtest. This sax has such a sweet, dark tone, reminiscent of the later Super Sax/Cigar Cutter/Radio Improved models that followed. The sonic warmth it provides will envelop the player in the low range, and projects well in the upper range, sending them on a musical journey through history. Players looking for that classic spread, warm, rich sound of the 1920s would appreciate this sax.
It had a full restoration in another shop at some point years ago, so the materials are getting old and eventually need to be replaced to play perfectly. Since our shop is very backed up, we are going to sell this one in as-is condition. It will ship in a snake-skin box-style carrying case with a plush red interior, the original neck will be included.