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Vintage Selmer Paris K Series Clarinet Set - Full Boehm K7917 and K7921

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Selmer Paris - K Series Set
This is a beautiful set of vintage A and Bb Selmer Paris clarinets. They are a matching set with full Boehm key work from the K Series, manufactured in the late 1920's. The clarinets are in outstanding physical condition for their vintage. They do show history of some normal use but were professionally maintained over the years. 
They both include the original bell and barrel as well as all of the nickel silver key work. 
Selmer Bb clarinet K7917 
This clarinet is in great shape. Looking over it closely it does show normal signs of use but that being considered, it is in tremendous shape for its vintage. There is one past crack on the bottom joint near the tenon ring. This was professionally filled in the past. The top joint has had a past repair to fill a blemish in the wood grain, but it was not due to a major crack. This clarinet is with the original bell and 63.5mm barrel. Both the bell and barrel are in great shape. 
Selmer A Clarinet K7921 
The body joints of the A clarinet is in fabulous condition and have never had any cracks or history of crack repair. All of the key work is also in fabulous condition. This clarinet is with the original bell and 64mm barrel. These are both in outstanding condition. 
These clarinets were regularly serviced through the early 1990's and have spent most of the last 30 years being safely stored in the case. At the moment they are playing. Ultimately, if you are going to be putting a lot of play time on them in the future it would be advisable to put on a new set of corks and pads on these instruments. 
Due to the unique and rare nature of these vintage Selmer “full Boehm” clarinets we are selling these as a set. The set does include a vintage French mouthpiece as well as a vintage Selmer double case with plush interior. It should be noted the case is also in exceptional physical condition.