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Vintage Pierret 'Super Artiste' Tenor Saxophone in Silver Plate

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Here's a model we don't see very often here at Saxquest: a French-made Pierret in original silver plate. I honestly don't have much experience with these horns, so it was a nice surprise to get this one in. I can't even find a serial number on it! (If any of you know more about these horns and can tell me where to look, hit me up!)


Looking over the tenor, I can say it is built well. It has a solid heft under your hands, and the action isn't bad at all. This horn took a nasty bump in shipping in getting to us, knocking off the low Eb keyguard and pushing the bell in towards the body. We'll do all those repairs before shipping the sax out. We'll reshape and resolder the guard in place, and bring the bell back to proper position.


This horn was repadded just before shipping to us, fitted with premium firm leather pads and metal domed resonators. It is still playing well down to low D, but with the shifted bell, the lower notes are not speaking. We'll get that fixed up right as rain and it will be sealing well when you receive it.


This tenor plays with a definite dark, “French” sound, though not as focused as a Selmer or even an SML. It's an interesting horn to play, with a lot of color in its tone and good dynamics up and down its register. I look forward to giving it a whirl once our work is complete and see what it is really capable of!