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Vintage Otto Link Early Babbitt 9* Super Tone Master Enormous Facing! Measures.152

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Otto Link Early Babbitt
This is a vintage Otto Link Early Babbitt 9* metal mouthpiece for tenor saxophone. Someone in the past did a major reworking of this piece and brought the tip opening up to .152”. This is probably around a 11 or 12 on most charts. Who ever worked on this piece did a decent job of bringing the tip open to where it is now. The tip rail is almost completely straight across and much less curved than normal as a result. 
This piece was pretty extensively play tested in the shop. Because of the huge opening on the piece some of the players in our shop had much more success than others. With a good reed this piece has a very full and very loud robust quality. 
The piece shows quite a bit of play wear around the outer body and a slight indentation on the black bite plate.  Because the piece is not in the best physical condition we are offering it at a very low cost. Priced to sell! 
The tip opening of this piece is quite large at .152”.