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Vintage Original Silver Plate Martin Typewriter Alto Saxophone, Serial #99314

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Product ID: 99314TypewriterAlto

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Martin Typewriter
This is a vintage Martin Typewriter alto saxophone in original silver plate, serial number 99314. The Typewriter is a serious item for the collector of American vintage instruments. These instruments were only manufactured for a few years. The key work of course features typewriter like key touches and pearls. Probably not the most ergonomic design for a saxophone but it is definitely one of the more unique things out there. Due to the unique key work these saxophones are more ideal as collectors. 
This particular Typewriter is in great physical condition. It looks like it has been stored in the case for many years and has not seen any playing or service for quite some time.  At some point in the past the bow cap was slightly pushed into the bottom of the bow. Looking over the sax though it does not show any other signs of major past repair or abuse. This sax is with all of the original key work as well as the original neck. 
A vintage item like this one could be made to play again if it was restored by a good tech. At this time due to the age and bad shape of all the pads the sax is not in playing condition. The body is in good physical condition but is just dirty from years of not being used. If you wanted to put any amount of play time on it the instrument would need to be cleaned up and restored first. 
This is a super rare collectors horn. We are selling this one in as is condition at a low price. Ships with original neck with matching serial number and case.