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Vintage Original Silver Plate Holton Bb Sorpano Saxophone, Serial #24808

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Product ID: 24808HoltonBbSop

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Holton Bb Soprano
This is a vintage Holton soprano saxophone in original silver plate, serial number 24808. These Holtons are very responsive and play with a super clear brilliant quality. This one is currently playing down to a low Bb through some leaks. At this time we have a large number of great vintage instruments but do not have time to service them all. As such we are selling a number of great items in “as is” condition at very low prices. 
The body of this saxophone is in solid condition but does have some history of past repair and re-solders. It is currently missing a pearl touch for the Bisc Bb key. It looks like a repair tech did a student level re-pad on this instrument at some point by replacing the pads and some of the natural cork. Much of the cork work and key materials is very old. The pads and nylon resonators are all still clean and do not look like they have seen a lot of play but look like they could be several years old at this point. Ultimately the horn is going to need some set-up work before it can be considered in perfect playing condition. Depending on how particular your tech is they might also prefer to do an overhaul on on the instrument. 
The instrument ships in as is condition with the original Holton wood hard case.