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Vintage Original Lacquer SML Gold Medal Alto Sax - Serial # 20261

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Our Price: $ 1,200.00

Product ID: 20261SMLAlto

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Here's an old SML Gold Medal series alto sax in original lacquer, serial number 20261. This alto unfortunately has a couple bad repairs and has a non-original neck; as such we are selling it at a rock bottom price. If you are a part-time repair tech and want to iron out the issues, it can be a solid horn for you.


The original lacquer is mostly in great shape, but there's wear on the bottom bow from past dent work down there. The dent work itself is solid, but the keyguard feet have been resoldered and that work could definitely be cleaned up, or have the feet replaced even. Purely cosmetic, as it doesn't affect play obviously, but it isn't the prettiest. The rest of the horn is straight, a minor ding here or there but nothing untoward. The original neck is lost, but a replacement was found that does fit the horn.


Pads look to be maybe a decade old, but honestly it doesn't look to have seen much play time. Fitted with brown plastic resonators, they still appear to have a long life left in them. However, the sax is playing through some leaks right now, so pad reseating is probably on the table. We are selling this sax as-is.


If you have a bench at home and can do some tweaking, or have a preferred tech with some time, you should be able to get in and out of this horn quickly, as it really just needs a good adjustment, and (if you desire) some cosmetic cleanup in the bottom. Ships in a hard case.