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Vintage Original Lacquer Selmer Paris Mark VI Tenor Saxophone, Serial #191437

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Mark VI Tenor – 1971
This is a later vintage Selmer Paris Mark VI tenor saxophone in original lacquer, serial number 191437. The tenor is fresh out of the Saxquest shop. It received a much needed clean up and mechanical overhaul and is now ready to go in perfect playing condition. This tenor plays with a very direct response and clear projection. It does lean a little towards the darker end of the color spectrum. 
Like a lot of the best playing tenors out there this one has seen plenty of performances. At this time very little of the original lacquer is present, leaving it mostly in raw brass. There is a history of body and solder repairs on this sax. With the horn mostly being in raw brass it is difficult to know the full history of repair. But looking over it closely you can see where a few of the lower key guards were re-soldered in the past. This saxophone is with the original Mark VI neck. The neck does have some history of past repair but is currently in its true position/angle. It is also in raw brass at this time.  One additional point of mention is the low Eb tone hole has been repaired in the past. 
This tenor was just mechanically restored by Aaron Standing in the Saxquest shop. The work included a complete dissemble and cleaning before it was set up and re-padded. This work also included  repair to some areas of the key work including around the E pad cup in the lower stack as well as the B pad cup in the upper stack. All of the key pearl holders have also been replaced with new ones. When the tenor came into our shop its original neck had an older electric pick up on it. This was removed and properly repaired with silver solder and a flush plug. 
While it might not be the prettiest horn we have in the shop at this time it is a fantastic player and is now ready for a new home. This tenor ships out in perfect playing condition in a protec contoured case.