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Vintage Original Lacquer Selmer Paris Mark VI Alto Saxophone, Serial #160084

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Product ID: 160084MarkVIAlt

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Mark VI Alto – 1968
This is a Selmer Paris Mark VI alto saxophone in original lacquer finish, serial number 160084.  The late 1960s Mark VI's are known for being very versatile and can be purchased at a very reasonable price. Like many of the best pro horns out there, this one does show the history of plenty of past use. But it is in very solid physical condition and has no signs of major past repair. The body tube, bell, bow, bow cap and bell flare are all in fantastic original condition. All the original key work and key guards are also present and in great shape. Looking over the horn closely, it shows no past solder repairs. This saxophone is with the original Mark VI neck. The neck is in similar cosmetic condition to the rest of the body but has never been pulled down. 
As a player, this alto showcases a beautiful clear projecting sound with smooth control and quick response to air flow. The key work is easy moving and fluid under the fingers. The great balance and flexibility of this alto makes it ideal for any pro looking for an instrument to use in a wide variety of musical settings.  
The alto came into our shop needing a good clean up, playing on some very old pads. In order to do the horn the justice it deserves, it is currently in the repair shop awaiting its turn for a mechanical restoration. The Saxquest professional overhaul will include a disassembly and cleaning followed by precise key fitting and a set-up with all new pads and materials. Once complete it will be back in perfect playing condition with a new set of Valentino pro pads, brown nylon resonators as well as all new corks and felts. 
This saxophone ships out in perfect playing condition in the original Selmer zip case.