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Vintage Original Lacquer King Super 20 Tenor Early Pearl Side Key, Serial #281065

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Pearl Side Key Super 20 Tenor - 1946
This is an early vintage Super 20 by King H.N. White in original gold lacquer, serial number 281065. The first series Super 20 featured a full complement of pearl inlays on the side keys, palm keys, G# and alternate F#. They also have a triple ring strap hook and sunburst engraving on the key cups of low B, Bb, C and C#. These early Super 20's are extremely free blowing and powerful players. They also tend to be a hair warmer in comparison to the SII Super 20's. This one in  particular looks like it was played pretty hard in its day and then spent most of its life in the case. All of the original key work, and key guards are intact and in good shape. The sax is also with the original sterling silver double socket neck with mating serial number stamp. The neck was very slightly pulled down at some point in the past but will be corrected while it is in our shop. 
Despite the scruffy appearance there are no signs it has ever received  extensive repair. There has never been any re-solders on the sax. This tenor came into the shop on a set of ancient pads. Since it has been a very long time since this sax has been played or seen attention it is currently in our shop awaiting its turn for a complete overhaul. The service work on this sax will include a complete dissemble, cleaning, key fitting and through set-up. While the horn is apart it will be outfitted with all new Valentino pads, metal dome resonators as well as premium cork and felts. Our tech will also clean up the series of dings around the bow of the sax. 
If you are looking for a powerful free blowing player a Super 20 is always a top shelf choice. This saxophone ships out in perfect playing condition with a Saxquest pro overhaul.