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Vintage Miami Dukoff Super Power Chamber D6 Silverite Mouthpiece for Bari Sax

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Product ID: DukoffD6MFLBari118


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Dukoff D6 for Baritone
This is a great Miami Florida vintage Super Power Chamber D6 mouthpiece for baritone saxophone. The piece does show some light play wear around the body. But honestly it is one of the cleaner Dukoff pieces we have seen recently. The facing on the piece is in good original condition. There is one notable wear spot beyond the edge of the tip rail. The table of the mouthpiece is also in very good condition. 
This piece takes the air in super fast with a smooth response. It packs quite a bunch with a nice and full brilliant sound. If you are looking for something with lower resistance to play with power this piece is absolutely fantastic. 
The tip opening on this piece measures .098”. It does have an ligature and cap set with it as well as the original box.