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Vintage Metal Berg Larsen 95/0 SMS Mouthpiece for Bari Saxophone - 0.087

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Berg 95/0 Offset SMS
Here we have a vintage Berg Larsen 95/0 SMS (which was stamped offset) metal tenor saxophone piece measuring at 0.087"/2.21 mm at the tip opening. This piece features the lowest setting for the Berg Larsen baffle height, and a shorter (similar to an Otto Link) facing curve on the rails. 
Physically, this piece is in great condition with only light scratches across the plating from the original brass Berg Larsen branded ligature.  The side rails, rail tip, and table seem to be in good shape, although you can tell someone has faced this one down, stone grinder markings on the table are faded and the profile does not measure evenly. The beak has some teeth markings on it, but no major divots are formed. 
The baffle features a slight roll over for added edge to help this piece pop sonically while efficiently routing your air through to the chamber with the flat side walls. This piece ships with its original brass berg larsen ligature, but no mouthpiece cap.