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Vintage Martin Handcraft Committee II Alto Sax – Lion and Crown, Serial #132028

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Martin Committee II Alto
This is a vintage Martin Handcraft Committee II alto saxophone, serial number 132028. It features solid nickel silver key work to high front F, sliding thumb rest and “lion and crown” engraving on the bell. These are great horns if you are looking for something that will put out a lot of volume and a bright sound.
The body of the sax is in pretty straight forward condition as it sits. At some point in the past the horn was re-lacquered. Its current finish shows a rich dark tint to it and some history of normal use. The body is physically in great shape. Looking over it carefully there is no signs of major repair or trauma. Its body tube, bow, bow cap and bell are all in very good condition. The original neck with matching serial number stamp is also in good shape. 
This one came into our shop on an older pad job from another shop. It is playing at this time through quite a few leaks on older pads.  As the pads are on the older side the horn is ultimately going to need some set-up work and general servicing before it is going to be in good playing condition. Many pro repair techs will most likely recommend doing a re-pad in order to make it perfect. But depending on how picky you or your tech are you might be able to get by with less. 
Saxquest currently has a large number of fantastic vintage instruments for sale. We are selling this one in as is condition. This sax ships with matching original neck and case.