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Vintage King 'Zephyr' Original Lacquer Tenor Saxophone - Cleveland OH, Serial #340983

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Product ID: 340983KingZephBbTen


HELP, I Want One!

King Zephyr Tenor
This is an awesome tenor for a on the go pro looking for a solid horn! 
Vintage King Zephyr tenor saxophone in original gold lacquer, serial number 340983. The tenor was recently overhauled in our shop by Ben Reece. It is now in perfect playing condition with a nice set of Valentino pro pads, metal resonators as well as all new corks and felts. In order to ensure it goes out in perfect playing condition we will also check it out on the bench once more before shipping. 
Like many of the best work horse instruments out there this one does have a history of some past body and solder repair. The saxophone is currently sitting in great physical condition. The post near the G key and side key cups was repaired in the past. This work was done extremely well and is hard to spot if you are not looking very closely. The body tube, bow and bow cap are all in excellent condition as are all of the tone holes. This saxophone does include the original double socket neck. The neck was slightly pulled down in the past but was more recently corrected. It is now in perfect working order. 
While it is not the prettiest horn in our shop it is easily one of the most powerful players. These King Zephyrs take the air in easy and very fast. The ultra efficient air intake allows the player to push  hard all day long. If you are looking for a free blowing player with an edgy sound that can easily climb over a loud band the Zephyr is a perfect choice. 
This sax ships out in perfect playing condition with a vintage King wood box hard case.