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Vintage King Super 20 'Silver Sonic' FULL PEARLS Tenor Sax, Serial #319713

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Product ID: 319713Super20Tenor


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RARE! Pearl Side Key Silver Sonic
This is a vintage King Super 20 “Silver Sonic” with full pearls tenor saxophone, serial number 319713. A very special treat to come across a “Silver Sonic” with pearl keys. These are an extremely rare instrument and very hard to come by these days. The Super 20 showcases floral engraving around the bell, sunburst pattern on the B and Bb bell keys, sterling silver bell as well as double socket neck. Additionally this one in particular has pearl inlays on the side keys, palm keys, G#, octave touch and  chromatic F# key. 
At some point in the past this tenor was re-lacquered. The current finish on it shows a very clean gold lacquer finish along the body and keys with silver on the sterling silver bell and sterling silver neck. Since being re-finished the tenor has received a solder repair to the palm D key post. The tenor is with a non original neck from a slightly earlier Super 20, serial number 294xxx. All of the original key work and guards are with this sax. 
This tenor came in on a slightly older re-pad from another shop with a set of good leather pads and metal Maestro resonators. At this time it is due for some set up work and some key fitting. In order to make sure this horn is perfect it will receive a complete set-up from our shop before shipping. The work will include precise key fitting and regulation of the key work. While the tenor is apart we will also replace any of the pads and key materials that are not up to our standards. 
In addition to being a rare and hard to find item these tenors are also fabulous players. Due to their robust sonic character and brilliant sound they are a favorite with rock and R&B players. This one ships out in perfect playing condition with a non original wood hard case.