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Vintage Frank Holton Silver Plated C-Melody, Serial #25868 – Awesome Vintage C-Melody

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Product ID: 25868HoltonCMelody


HELP, I Want One!

This is a very cool and unique C-Melody saxophone by Frank Holton, serial number 25868. It shows red key pearls and rollers. The sax was also engraved with the name Joseph Dolezal Junior, whom the sax was most likely made for. 
These saxophones have a number of unique trill keys as well as front F and a back door Eb key. This particular example is in great shape with a clean body and nice original silver plate. Looking over it closely you can see where some smaller dings have been removed in the past. But it does not show any serious past repair or trauma. The original neck is also with the sax and is in good shape. 
 At this time the horn is playing is playing decently down to low Bb and is quite a fun instrument to play. Rich sound and very responsive. The sax came into our shop on a mix match of pads. Some of them are much older and are not quite the right size for some of the key cups. If it is a horn you want to put a ton of play time on it will ultimately need to be overhauled before it can be considered in perfect playing condition. 
One of the prettier and more unique Holton saxophones we have seen in some time. It ships playing in as is condition with the original Holton wood hard case and a C-Melody mouthpiece.
Ben did this video with a Tram 95 mouthpiece, Select Jazz 3MUF and basic 2 screw ligature.