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Vintage David Guardala Super King Hand Made Mouthpiece for Alto Sax in Silver Plate

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Product ID: GuardalaSupKAltGH


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Super King – Hand Made .088”
This is a very nice David Guardala hand made “Super King” for alto saxophone in silver plate. We have had a lot of Guardala pieces in the shop over the years and it is always nice to find on in excellent condition like this one. This piece shows history of plenty of past use.  Its outer body is in good shape as well as the silver finish. It does not show up well in the pictures but if you look closely you can still see SK as well as serial number 22242. 
The facing profile of the table, tip and side rails is very clean for the most part. There is some smaller blemishes along the side rails, which is very typical to see on these pieces. It does not show any signs it has ever been worked on in the past. 
The Super King is the brightest of the baffle configurations for Guardala mouthpieces. This piece is ideal for anyone looking for a bright sound and a lot of power.